Dream discussion?

Just an open spot to talk about dreams, what they might mean.

Update: the dream

Last night in my dream I was in Walmart wandering around, and there was something about free stuff you can get for the season (I like to save money however possible this isn’t shocking), I was accidentally hitting things and an employee gave me like…a tour of the grocery area for some reason after hearing me say I was more worried about the stuff I kept bumping into, there was an upstairs and a downstairs and I had gotten lost, upstairs seemed more like a home in the one room I was in, and the guy working the photos area apparently found me and pulled me downstairs and I thanked him for helping me find my way, and then I went home and told my mom about how nice the photo guy was. I think it was a guy, at least…


i forgot all my dreams :pensive:

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It helps to keep a dream journal, which I guess this is more of a community dream journal for everyone. And to dream in the first place, lack of sleep messes up the dreaming. Chamomile I find does wonders for helping you sleep. :smiley:

This is a somewhat recent but reoccurring dream setting for me. I’m in a ship traveling space in a galaxy which looks quite normal (however sometimes a variation of this dream has a giant vortex in the middle of it in which the further down you go the more weird shit you find [including the gateway which i will talk about more later]). Anyways the further right you to the more alien shit you find. For instance there is this reoccurring space station called the gateway which transports you to another point in the galaxy. In my last dream I was at the gateway but it ended there. I’ve had variations of this dream like 4 or maybe 3 times over the span of a year or 2.

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I dreamt about brushing my teeth for like 20 minutes. Now I’m awake and have to brush my teeth.

Trap? Maybe


Just today I had a dream where I used ss13 mechanics in real life :pensive:


I’ve gotten quite a few SS13 dreams a lot too, one where it was me and my mom on Lavaland, and there was something about a mime themed ruin to investigate, and we had the mining mechs

that’s how you know it’s a dream, my parents don’t really care about the games I play, nobody does lmao

i dunno bruh i be forgetting

Last night I had a dream where I was shot in the head and went to heaven.

I will not elaborate further.


Insomnia plus a fragmented sleep disorder means no dreams for me :frowning:

tries to think of a dream…
vivid abstract nightmares
ghost crime solving inside an infinite block stairway
treversing abstract cityscapes
particapating in insane/abstract mass gatherings in bizzare megastructures and eviroments
exploring nonsensical megastructures
horror story prolouges

stops recalling dreams… goes to sleep

I havent had dream recall in awhile honestly

dream? popular minecraft youtuber dream?

Update: Last night’s dream was a field trip…to an anomalous restaurant. Dr Sherman was there (already proof of watching too many scp tiktoks lmao) and like, I don’t remember what made it anomalous, it looked run down and we took turns being staff or customers.

No but we can make a minecraft thread lol

Minecraft Beestation server

for legal reasons this is a joke

was it a dream because you will go to hell for your horrible sins?

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I thought there was one backthen.

when i was a child i had a reoccurring dream of arriving at a large skyscraper to stay over night and meeting a man who would warn me of a giant cyclops who would look into the skyscraper through the windows and would kill me if i made eye contact so i need to keep the curtains closed. And every night i’d be trapped in the dream and the only way out would be to open the curtains and face the giant cyclops to kill myself and wake up.

oh my fucking god it’s like we’re soul linked dude

So I was very little, around Kindergarten, and in the dream I was at my house and there was a giant looking through windows, and I went to school and my whole kindergarten class, led by my teacher, ran out to fight the giant.

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i go to sleep
i wake up
Another 6 hours well spent.