Dreaded shurikens

Shurikens are way too good since a long while.
They go trough any armors.
Embed most of the time, which deals bonus damage on top of making you slower
Are pretty cheap and can be found in maintenance.

Even a nukie that get hit by one of those badboy in a fight will regret coming to SS13 for this mission.

Did you make this after you got your own shurikens thrown back at you as a ninja?


I don’t see what you are talking about ahah ! :grimacing: :grimacing:

i mean, it would make sense for the ninjas stars to dissapear once they un-embed or after a sec if they miss. Since they’re just summoned from energy in the ninjas suit batterys.

But then you remember how overwhelmingly powerful ninjas are, they realy dont need buffs.

Ninja stars should probabbly be scrubbed out of maint spawns and such though and only be in the hands of ninjas and tots that buy the throwing weapons kit

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To be honest the main reason why I didn’t mention the ninja incident is because it wasn’t the problem in the first place. Being able to throw them back is balanced I guess.
The problem is just the amount of damage possible and how dangerous only one of those can be.

It’s realistic though, and they’re not all that easy to come across, aside from the one or two that spawn in maint per round

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True but if we talk about realistic stuff, then bullets should also embed. As “rare” as it is, the moment you’re against it, antagonist or crewmember, you’ll get a bad time.

My opinion is that at least some armors like the nukies suits should deflect or at least prevent any embed

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