Draiocht Ban Appeal - Don't have access to realorandor anymore

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]


Admin’s CKEY:francinum

*Ban Type:Game

**Ban Length:Perma

Ban Date (2021/Jan/28/):

Round ID:26527

Ban Reason: Attempted to murder the bartender for no discernable reason in an escape pod, hadn’t said anything before the attack. Unresponsive to investigation, appeal on the forums.:

**Appeal Reason: I am appealing as what I did was stupid, and I apologize. I haven’t had access to the original account for a long time, so I created this account and didn’t realize I was banned, and get hit with a ban evasion. Again I apologize, and I want to take the game seriously now. Back then I was new, and was trying to be a wise guy.

Additional Information:

Now the permanent ban you received was just an “appeal on the forums” type of permanent ban. But you ban evading makes turns this into a serious permanent ban.

Our policy for permanent bans states that 1 year needs to have passed (Which is the case) and you need to provide a valid vouch from reputable server.

Do you have a vouch?

8 days have passed and no vouch was provided.

Feel free to reappeal once you are able to provide said valid vouch.