Draft - things to add/port circuits

1. Circuit printer (lathe)

Need to organise them into categories

  • input
  • output
  • logic
  • data
  • server
  • and something else?

then we can recognise things easily.

2. Module duplicator

need to port.
#Note: don’t bring their TG interface. We need to make our own.

3. Circuits

A. Trigger (all circuits)

it should have 3 types:

  1. Trigger [in]: works if the value is more than 0.
  2. Trigger time [out]: when triggered, returns the round time in seconds format. (1 to infinity)
  3. Trigger bool [out]: when triggered, returns 1.
    #2 and #3 appear to be the same function, but not being 1 can cause an issue for true/false check.
    all circuit triggers should follow this


B. Voice activator

add bitflag input
0: nothing to filter
1: radio chat filter
2: machine talk filter
if 1 is taken, it filters radio chat not to activate.

C. Speech

add language input.
ordinary languages are only valid. (i.e. galatic common/uncommon, draconic, encoded radio… etc)
if the input takes ‘Draconic’, Speech circuit will only say in Dragonic.

some unordinary language is not valid. (i.e. xeno, or some weird languages.)
this will be a neat feature for a translating device, but this shouldn’t allow to translate exotic languages into ours.

D. NT net servers

need to port. This is the core for better circuits.

E. something else?

Brain computer looks a bit powerful to port. better not to port, I guess?
also there are a few circuits that are legit to port.

4. Shells

Controller: this damn machine doesn’t accept right-click. need to change ctrl+click.

I am not sure if I will ever touch circuits, but I remain this post to suggest to whoever gonna do that, or for recalling myself.