Double Clown Player Report

CKEY: YoshimiWasTaken

Your Discord: Spooky Sheepy#4058

Offender’s CKEY: Fleshgordo and Coolmoth

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: I honestly forgot but they were both clowns. One of them I think was a name like ‘Honey you mean Honkules’ which I remember smirking at :smiley:

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/05/2020 EST

Round Number: 22240 I think? Another trialmin did me the favor of helping to find it :slight_smile:

Rules Broken: #5

Incident Description: I was the Brig Physician in security during a Heretics round. Apparently people were yelling shitsec for whatever reason so a crowd was getting ready to lynch us already. Typical day as security, one bad apple ruins the bunch. A couple of clowns were running around in Sec causing havoc and apparently souped up on a couple genes (the one I was trying to take care of had chameleon). I managed to flash one and we were trying to handle them, eventually got the two out. What I hear LATER ON, is that the clowns now have hulk and have been wrecking the station. An IPC got killed by them and they were taken to the medbay. Not long after they were revived the clowns killed him again. At endround neither one was an antag. Apparently FleshGordo was attacking people, while Coolmoth, the other one, was breaking walls, according to the previous mentioned admin that helped me find the correct names and round ID (I hope, neither of us were sure though his guess is better than mine).

I’ll take a look at it once I got the time

also y emoji!!!

cause i like emojis :<

Logs have been checked and reprimands given.

Report Processed.