Don't allow the shuttle to be called until at least 45 minutes into the round

Recently saw a nuke ops round where they declared war, and AI called the shuttle straight away. By the time nukies arrived, everyone was already on the shuttle waiting to go.

Calling the shuttle as soon as there is a threat early round is not fun.

Put a delay so you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can call it.

The delay already exists. It’s set to 30 minutes currently.


War decleration makes it so you have to wait 20 minutes. There is no way with the current delay for escape shuttle calling for the shuttle to already be at the station when the nukies arrive unless the nukies are really fucking slow.

Isn’t there already a 20 minute guaranteed no shuttle-call after nukies declare war? How is 20 minutes not enough time to get from syndie base to the station?

Then I am an idiot, they must have been real slow.

Ignore this post, delete it or put it in the wall of shame

they were really slow, because i spent like 10 extra minutes after they summoned me teaching them a lot of shit as every single one of them was a newbie and did not know anything about nukies

still, being able to call the shuttle before the nukies even landed is really stupid

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No it’s not, if you can’t get your asses together in 28 minutes, it’s best that a new round starts soon anyways.