Doktorwueue Staff Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for our Administrator @Doktorwueue

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.

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bumping it so people can tell me what they think of me

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Seems to be a very active admin, keep it up and receive more praise for you are doing a very good job so far!

@doktorwueue you did a good job handling the greenshift shenanigans between chef and botanists recently. I dont know exactly what started it but both were being relentless over petty issues that slowly escalated into murder and it takes a good admin to come to the same conclusion that both kind of let it happen. It’s good to check on why people are doing the things they are and to make sure they at least have a justification for it. It lets people know boundaries but still allows fun stuff to happen. Anyways thumbs up from me for that

Been online consistently for many of the rounds I’ve played across the past week when no other Admin was. Very good and actually responds to Ahelps. 10/10 on that part.

Tho doesn’t answer prayers, even when i got Nat 20 :confounded:

Dudes on all the time, helpful and understanding in tickets. Cool admin, would recommend

Keeps things concise, isn’t heavy handed on bans, seems to know how to differentiate ill intent from ignorance.

Also fun to play with

Wueue is very active and fun to be around, he answers prays(?).

He is understanding in tickets, and gives fair treatment to both sides.

Dude literally joined right before an online class to help with a ticket, even though it was something that could’ve waited till the next round (IC muted due to Borg laws)

He has good taste in music…

He knows a lot of bad songs too… please help he forced me to write this, I only have ten seconds till he’s back, if I don’t he’s gonna send me bad mus-



-Really cool guy
-Super fucking nice
-Answers prayers with beans
-Always says hi to me
-I’ve never seen him be remotely rude to anyone, not once

-Plays non human IPC (ew)
-Says nya
-I think he never sleeps, like what the hell is his sleep schedule

Overall Im glad hes on the server, he would be my favorite admin if he wasn’t a dirty non human.

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Jerrys-The-Apple was attacked by an antag(maybe) and the antag entered a maint after he failed. I and clown entered together to get him. and bwoinked.

Admin PM from-Doktorwueue: why are you following and atatck them?
PM to-Admins: he attacked me
PM to-Admins: I mean, he attacked my friend
Admin PM from-Doktorwueue: yeah and thats why you follow him into maint?
Admin PM from-Doktorwueue: when he is clearly dangerous?
PM to-Admins: because I am reckless. it is not enough reason?
Admin PM from-Doktorwueue: no
Admin PM from-Doktorwueue: you are a lawyer not a security or command you shouldnt rush into danger
PM to-Admins: I think you think I did this because I want to pretend a security, and I did that because he attacked my fucking kin
Admin PM from-Doktorwueue: thats still validhunting
PM to-Admins: I still don’t agree, but I got your point not to do this next time.
Admin PM from-Doktorwueue: ok
Your ticket has been resolved by an admin. The Adminhelp verb will be returned to you shortly.

2021-09-15 15:41:40 | bs_sage | Doktorwueue | Expires 2022-03-15 15:41:43
followed a antag into maint and starting fighting them because they attacked their friend. they were a lawyer.

My intention at the moment:

  1. the maint wasn’t very deeper and I was with the clown. I wouldn’t go deeper if it was too deeper or I was with no one.
  2. again, he attacked my kin. I wanted to hear what in the hell he had to attack my kin by neutralising him.
    I wanted to say It is not a validhunt and I don’t have any interest to fight with an antag for the most time, as my playtime record says my most time is in the medical department, but that he attacked my kin really pissed me off, regardless I am a lawyer.
    that’s why I don’t agree with the validhunt he said. your best friend was attacked and you do nothing?

Since we were talked well (maybe) and there was nothing particularly done, I wanted to arrange my idea and share it here. I am not sure if it would make any change, but saying it ‘validhunt’ was extremely unpleasant. You just could say that in some different way. (for example, ‘this can be regarded as validhunt.’ which is less direct if you thought so.)

although, I really appreciate your effort to support the community.

Note: I am not a native in English. I might be bad at expressing some in rude nuance or badly interpreting. Even I might be oversensitive due to some language differences. Please understand if I have ever made them.

I do not know how people struggle to understand the following :

Sage is a ROLEPLAY server. You ROLEPLAY (with extreme leniency and goofyness) as a WORKER on a SPACE STATION.

IF you see your friend get abducted into the darkness and you were unable to fight back with what you had, your LAST FUCKING ACTION if you were ROLEPLAYING, would be to fucking GO AND ATTACK.

Your first reaction would be to fucking call sec, shit your pants, and if there is NO SEC, then you’d decide to brave the unknown to hunt for your friend.

Are you SERIOUSLY arguing that it’d make sense for a living breathing person to wander in search of their friend who got abducted and possibly killed, with extreme risks of death, in total darkness, with as their sole company the FUCKING CLOWN?

It was absolutely validhunt. You saw antag do antag thing, you decided “i have to kill antag, me make antag redtext”.
Purely meta, purely poor roleplay & purely validhunt. You being in a metagang with them because they play lizard does not justify it either.

I want to add, good call there wueue. And also, good admin overall. ur prayer answers are very cool.

I know what you said and which wrong I did. The exact point of my post is to hope the admin to say the thing in some less direct way when they got to know the situation.

“i have to kill antag, me make antag redtext”. This doesn’t look that you understood why I said these things. Also, you said RP and ‘because they play lizard does not justify it either.’

Very well, you said RP. Lizards tent to gather themselves (even in the lore wise) and protecting ourselves against the future possible danger. Even an antag lizardperson hesitates to kill their kin(although they do eventually) as far as I’ve seen lizardpeople. This bond is something difficult to explain actually.

And I agree that admin called good that it can be a bad RP(since I dare a danger), but what I don’t agree is calling it a validhunt confirmatively. This is not “Oh I got reasons to kill antag.” It is “this guy would harm my kin again, I will not allow that.”

It is different at the first. That’s why I was unpleasant for that and hoped he to say that in some less direct way.

(But I didn’t realise a clown wasn’t a good companion enough against that guy. Thank you for pointing it out.)

@GameAdmin this threads needs closing for the time being. and sorry for pinging you on the forums for this.

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