Does "It's a Research Station" still apply?

Used to be that people were allowed to make death nettles and death mixes and death viruses as long as they didn’t carry or use them, “because it’s a research station”, but perhaps this has changed. Can I have some clarification on the matter? I don’t want to get re-banned by accident.


Because people didn’t make these for research, but to powergame and turn valids horizontal?


The other day i was thinking about that and i came to the conclusion that if i ever were to play botany/science and were to test what is like to throw a powerful nade/plant/xenobio shit the proper procedement would be to inform the respective heads of staff and doing it in a secured test area.

If you do a proper rp and the head you’re interacting with has enough neurons/is not a dick to understand that you just want to do a test/research then that shouldn’t be an issue

Obviously you can circunvent this in a more boring way, some botanists just create a monke and threw the plant at them and bam, you known how it works, but Sec would have a reason to raid you and demand why are you growing death neetle/funny plant(though sometimes they don’t care)

Tl;dr Roleplay about it and don’t have 10000 of those deadly items in your bag, only the necessary for your tests


You could literally say the exact same thing about the manhattan project.


I just want to parrot what Fronsis said, because it’s excellent.

Check your SOP and work with your heads. So long as you get the sign off to do something and make it a departmental effort, you’ll be fine.

Roleplay it up too! You’re there to do a job and you just proposed a project to your boss. Keep them updated with your findings, maybe even host a presentation! Propose different applications for your research. Pass those findings on to Nanotrasen and maybe they’d be willing to contract out the station to produce a large quantity of those items, giving everyone an additional station project to work on.

Provided you’re open to a bit of roleplay and put in the effort to work with your department, there’s a lot that can be done to enhance your overall experience while simultaneously letting you toy with the more dangerous side of SS13.


Ahh, very clever! Thanks for the update.

Bonus points if you document your findings. Especially in a scientific manner.

110% this.

Experiment Lambda577: Effectiveness of Deathnettles as deterrence against breaking and entering.

Equipment: Deathnettles of potency 62, Gardening gloves.

Setup: One (1) branch supplied to head of staff, department X during each experiment along with one (1) set of double insulated gardening gloves. Said branches were to be carried visibly on person in a clear container during daily tasks.

Results: Security records show a 57% reduction in cross department and civilian incident rates regarding the department in question since rumours spread about the possession and intent to use death nettles.
Results are promising but will require further study into if potency is a factor or if deterrence will decrease over time.


Remember when most deadly shit you could make had a reason to be on the station because it counted towards research in old rnd

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