Do you want a fusion guide?

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I have been really busy lately and I want to know if I’m just going to waste my time.

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JuSt Do It YoUrSelf LmAo YoU pEaNut

Dude literally just have a canister with 2k moles of these three gasses: tritium , co2 and plasma , heat it uo to 10000C and enjoy the nuclear particles

canister fusion is dead

it cant be… right???

Its not dead, but its super nerfed.
All hail open-tile fusion

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Fusion is literally just : fill a chamber with 97% oxy 3 plasma. Scrub out trit. Get 50/50 co2 plasma and pipe that + trit into a small chamber. Heat it to 10k by either HE with the trit chamber or introduce oxygen for sum burn action. Boom 10 min fusion

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