Do you like the new beakers and pill bottles?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I have no strong feelings one way or the other
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If so… Why or Why not? Let’s get some constructive feedback since i’ve seen a lot of people saying they do/don’t like it


The angle is off, and the level of detail makes it clash with the way everything else looks. It’s designed to look good when placed on a table, and so when in the inventory (the majority of the time you see beakers) it looks off because it’s at a very significant angle compared to every other item pretty much. It also suffers functionality wise, because the angle and texturing makes it harder to ascertain how full they are.

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Just came back after a long hiatus. I was a bit confused at the bottles. They are pretty but not very easy to… “read”. Visual design wise!

But they are nice!

By bottles I meant the beakers! oups!

Theres a little too much detail on all of them that it sorta messes with the clarity of what chem is inside it. I cant tell if its the angle or just the semi blurry details on the beakers and bottles.

The size of each item, beakers, bottle and pill bottles I do wish they were smaller to be able to easily identify which one would hold more chems. e.g. Sizers large beaker > small beaker > bottle > pill bottle

I actually like the design just the clarity is the biggest issue for me


  • Angle weird
  • Clarity problem
  • Size abit off
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I feel like the sprites for the pill bottles could be shrunk slightly as at the moment they seem a bit comically large.


I agree they feel massive compared to other sprites, i can get used to the beakers but the size of the pill bottles is too big

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They look weird, almost cartoonish compared to the old beakers.

Also dont mind the new beaker sprites except the BS one as It just looks kinda out of place to me.

What I meant to say but put into an intelligent eloquent form. haha Thank you. “Design Clarity” that’s it!

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I don’t really like them since its sorta hard to see how much there is in a beaker and they way too fucking big for my tastes as that one of the TG things I really hate.

I prefer the beakers from ShipTest though since those are in the middle of both sizes.

I liked the old beakers, but I don’t strongly dislike the new ones. I’ll play some chemist today and revote.

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I am not disliking the new ones but i also prefer the old ones. These new ones look out of the world, like its not suitable with the other graphics.


I’m liking them more and more with each passing day.
It feels like they are made to be DRUNK.

But could use some clarity improvements!

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too big. I think most of them should be resized to 70% of its current size or something


We should continue the trend and port more cool and new sprites :slight_smile:

Port the slightly more shiny walls from TG though since I like em

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