Do you guys have any songs that make you immediately think of the game?

For me, Starman by david bowie really brings out the nostolgia for the game for me. the wonder of first joining, the time i spent doing xenobio, the arguments i’d have in common. i miss it all.

what about you guys? any songs immediately bring some nostolgia for rounds past?


probably all of the songs that used to play when the round ended. They just remind me of when I first started playing and everything was new and confusing and I loved it


It’s obvious since I was playing almost exclusively Bee for all this time


When my playlist decided to play this song on my 2nd/3rd arrival, i knew i would stay for a while


I’m surprised someone else also listens to it, glad it wasn’t just me who thought the same!

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all the old lobby songs really. i miss them

and there was one more that used to play every time you touch space. but i dont know its name
but i still expect it every time i touch a space tile


Golden times…


Need for speed most wanted.


epic playlist


Used to love Fireflies even before knowing about SS13. Now, the song just screams SPACE DRAMA


Also, please stand up for the main theme of GTA IV

any of Carmen Miranda’s Ghost / filk in general

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Pull on the new flesh like borrowed gloves… and burn your fingers once again.

All of the starbound OST. While the OST alone is incredibly good and one of the best OST’s ive heard, it fits incredibly well with SS13, esp with more peacefull things, building in space, say

Old cool loby song, or maybe was in tg lobby

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This one remember me to Nanotransen

Yeah thats the one i mentioned in the opening post. always brings back great memories. the friends made, the memories made. all the great stories that few remember.

I could still play on other servers, but i dont think i’ll ever enjoy them as much as i did bee. golden was the best place for bonds to flourish naturally, for epic stories to be made, and for everyone to work together. Starman is always going to hold a special place in my heart because it will always remind me of golden.


One of the guides I found before I got into SS13 started with this song. I already loved this song beforehand for many reasons, But BOY does this actually feel like an SS13 kind of song.

Including all of Carmen Miranda’s Ghost. Just the whole album. Because it’s such a good album.


OH MY GOD i never knew that was the name of that song! god, i just clicked on it, and i actually got the most vivid memories of golden come back to me, oh my god thank you!

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First song i heard on my joining. So many amazing memories.