Do something about the baseball bat

5 wooden planks gives you the best melee weapon in the game

space lube
syringe gun
chem grenades
ranged weapons
throwable weapons
floor tiles
fire extinguisher
throwing spears
curator’s whip
literally any approach but direct confrontation

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Every thing in that list except the fire extinguisher and most thrown weapons really make sense but how to fire extinguishers help against bats I’m sure they can’t slip and a few hits with a baseball bat will knock it out of your hands.

You can empty it to make the floor slippery, then once they’re slipped bash their head in.

It also doesn’t fit in your backpack and so is disarm-shove bait. It’s strong yes but not exactly practical for just having on you.

Shove, beat, repeat.
Shove them down, take their bat, and cave their fucking skull in.

This was back when baseball bats hardstunned you.

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Melee hardstun for five fucking planks

I can see why it was removed.

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