Diving on top of grenades

Idea: Resting on top of a grenade causes you to cover the grenade. The explosion radius is reduced however the person on top is severely injured/Gibbed.

This would also include prone players moving to the same cell as a live grenade, however it doesn’t include throwing on top of already prone players.

There are other affects you could also have such as flash grenades not stunning surrounding players however causing burns and a massive stun to the covering player.

Chemical grenades could possibly reduce radius, but cause alot of reagents to be absorbed by the covering player.

Just an idea i had which could lead to some good RP self sacrificing moments


Not all grenades explode, though. How would this effect foam, smoke, or splash?

Top example was for explosive ones. When i said chemical i was meaning foam/smoke grenade spread.

So for example a foam grenade with alot of meth, would cause have a high initial ingestion of the chemical, but the foam would not travel as far or have as much reagents. Same idea for both smoke and splash.

Similar suggestion:

Rest on maxcap. On detonation the explosion is not happening, but the person resting on it gets permabanned from the server unless they were wearing a bomb suit


Number of times this would get used as a self sacrifice 1/100

Number of times this would get used to super gib victim corpses even further than regular explosives would 99/100

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the only opportunity to do this is if the person was in hard crit or dead and most explosive grenades already gib if standing on the same cell, so i wouldnt see much use for people trying to gib with it.

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Why tho?

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For valid hunting the grenade obviously. But hes wrong, if they dive on the nade with a bomb suit then its a ban for power gaming.


I think the game can tell the diffrence between some one using rest and some one critical/dead.

And consider some one rested ON the explosive… and some one critical/dead beside it.