Discuss ERP, Racism, Zero Tolerance and Unappealable here

It’s relevant to the ban appeal, but also not where the discussion belongs.

Bruh just make a rule of cool exception for he and unbean. The lrp will absolutely robust winter on sight and mrp will start to actually discriminate against catgirls and such in a meaningful manner. The ban hammer is always there if shit goes wild

Maybe one day, bee will be bee.
Some called it not ERP, some called it ERP, some called it soft-ERP.
I think it would be best if admins start investing some time in an official rulings list of how bans would be handed out (and their time) and if they can be appealed or not.
Two people were banned for ERP, one of them had it lifted because of Rule 1, easily the worst rule of them all.

Racism? I wish this whole racism fad never happened, it’s poison and you can’t do anything without anybody raising a brow (and subsequently followed by a massive argument) because of suspected racism on literally anything.

Unbanning one of the offenders and not the other would set a bad precident especially considering the lack of rulebreaks since the incident


At the beginning of June I drafted up a point system for notes; more than x points when getting a new note = ban for (points/3) days. Points exceeding a certain amount result in permanent ban until vouch. Points would automatically fall off over time spent actively playing without getting in trouble. It was pretty well received and I don’t think anyone disliked the idea, but it needs a coder to be implemented.

The system could provide a recommended ban length for offenses and nice tracking of how much a player spends shitting up a server vs being a good player. Regulars sometimes appear to be worse shitters than they are simply by nature of how many hours they log here; Obsessed player getting in trouble for one round in every fifty might be getting in trouble once a week. Casual player doing the same thing one in every fifty rounds might be getting in trouble once every other month. Both offer the same net-gain to the server, but which do you think gets in more trouble?

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Would points decrease over playtime or over normal time? Is it possible to go in the “negative” as a sort of “good job”?

Yep, up to a cap - rewarding players that are in the negative.

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racism on spess station is ok


Unappealable bans shouldn’t be a thing. All bans should be appealable. You want to ban on zero tolerance rules? sure. But the people you ban HAVE to have a chance to try again. People change (most of the time, there are some exceptions) and a person who really wants to come back and play on the server badly should be given that chance. If they are a shitter, then ban them again. If someone is perma banned, and successfully appeals, put them on parole. If they repeat the bahavior within a certain time, then ban them again, with a harsher requirement for appeal.

As far as the “Velvet Issue” goes, they should get unbanned. Unappealable is just an excuse. You dont want to deal with it, so you say its unappealable and ignore it. The worst part is that the ban was BEFORE it was unappealable, and you just retconned that over it so that you could ignore it.

TLDR; Unappealable bad, unbean he


further comment on Velvet’s ban appeal

reply to @RodBoward :
oh u must be one of the mean nasty (bitter too ig?) internet racists then. the policy wasn’t in place when she got banned, which shows (clearly shows) that they just used victor and velvet’s indiscretion lol to make a point to everyone else that plays on Bee.

reply to @Ruko :

You know I’d take your word for it if it wasn’t YOUR admin team that helped humiliate these people. What happened was fucked up, and THAT alone should be the reason they get unbanned.

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Why would you unban erpers

idk i think u should ask Ruko LOL

You are some other brand of autistic. I’m not banned and ERP being banned was in place you moron, it always has been. The ONLY part that was added was it being unappealable. You want to, on one hand, bitch about how you aren’t going to have players, then you want to ban more players. Why is racism a permanent unappealable ban and outright REMOVAL FROM THE COMMUNITY, but you can ERP on a server with children consequence free? It’s a fucked up world where you want children being exposed to sexual content, but you think it’s the racism that’ll really scar them. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you?


dude for some reason i feel surprised when racists act delusional, but then i remember that racism IS a delusion DR SEUSS

Not the hero bee deserves.

That’s about as twisted of a perspective as you can get.

Gamer words are given several chances with light punishments early on, and we don’t deduce someone as being genuinely racist from them saying one thing one time either. The bans become unappealable not because of the racism alone, but because of the conduct after the bans have stepped up. - Average_Joe22 evaded his ban just to declare he was racist and would never follow the community guidelines, so he was given the true removal. His game-ban ended on accident after that and in a single round he bypassed several times and spouted random inane shit like he was trying to get the ban re-instated.

On the flipside, Erotic content is met with an immediate and harsh ban - the only argument this thread is raising is whether it should be totally unappealable or not. I don’t see how you can call a three month ban before even being considered for an unban “consequence free”

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Not to mention Rublax.

Still not sure why u don’t bring up the Xylana player report, but I agree w u.

I am not that confident in banning slurs, especially when there are ppl who can and should be able to use those slurs that play on Bee.

@RodBoward i think you’re miserable :man_shrugging:

not my thread anymore lollll

also to say Victor and Velvet are child molesters bc what they did was in the vicinity of children, is, to me, a bit of a leap. I think what they did opens the door to questioning, but not conclusions

Because the keywords are “zero tolerance” “unappealabe” and “permanent”. Unbanning ANY of the two goes against all three.

Wasn’t talking about Joe, but ok.

If you want erotic content gone then keep it gone. You deleted every book in the library, started banning people for copypasta, but you want two people ERP’d back? You could probably win Gold with the mental gymnastics you’re trying to pull here.


You’re one to talk lol

I don’t know why I even bothered responding the first time knowing how you handle things you disagree with. You act like unfair punishments have been handed out and people haven’t been repeatedly warned to stop. You also act like we’re openly inviting erotic content. By your damned logic, we’re also inviting racism every time we don’t irrevocably ban for the first offense because someone bypassed the filter.