Discord mute, vhs (high effort)

Discord ID: vhs#3231

Admin Discord ID: Ruko#7940

Ban Type: mute

Ban Length: ???

Ban Date: September 12th, 2020

Ban Reason: filter bypass. I posted a video where a black guy happened to say the n word (non hard r) and got muted for that.

Appeal Reason: If we’re talking about the server rules then yes, i was wrong. I shouldn’t have posted that. I made a stupid decision and i’m sorry for that. It wont happen again.

Any. . . . . Jannies??


After cooldown period, I’m fine with lifting this in a few days unless other admins are opposed to it. Mute was applied upon third point being acquired, but you’re generally not a problem in discord, and what was posted wasn’t racist in any way - it was simply an issue with the filter.

The only particularly negative side to the situation is the fact you were made aware it was bypass by fellow chat-goers and opted to keep it there anyway.

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Alright, thanks :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

As ruko pointed out you were aware it was filter bypass. Maggot literally told you not to post it. Probably don’t do that again chief. I do 100% agree it should be lifted in a bit though.

Mute has been lifted, per what I said above.