Discord ban by Xlyana

Discord ID: @1GlitchyCent#1762

Admin Discord ID: @Xlyana#0001

Ban Type: Temporary

Ban Length: Length was not specified

Ban Date: 12/20/2019

Ban Reason:“for da hornyposting…” and “ignoring several warnings is not that gucci”

Appeal Reason: Simply put, no rules where broken. If I remember correctly, what had gotten me banned was joking about my character having a femdom kink with @Yanniert#4752. By the precedents set by the numerous pinned CBT copypasta, anyone would believe that sexually explicit content refers to pornography. Additionally, even by other standards referencing femdom isn’t explicit at all.

Additional Information: The warning given wasn’t clear, and only 1 warning was given

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The warning couldn’t be clearer.


Otherwise, I think you’ll take warnings more seriously from now on. Since it’s already been 2 weeks I will be removing the ban.