Discord ban appeal for ckey Mashedpotatoes2001

Discord ID: Domestic Waste#0203

Admin Discord ID: No clue

Ban Type: Discord

Ban Length: permanent, I think?

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): some time in 2019 probably

Ban Reason: No clue

Appeal Reason: Look, it was probably well deserved. It was a long time ago back when I was younger and in my teens. I was an asshole, no denying it. I’ll accept full responsibility and apologize for whatever I did. This was also back when bee was MUCH lower rp. I’ve come back from a 3 year hiatus of ss13 and I’ve readjusted to the new bee over the past couple days. I’ve been making new friends and I want to chat about the game. The only bwoink I’ve had over these days is about a name change (look if I manage to get the HoS demoted by centcom because the warden slapped me at the start of the round I think naming my lawyer Saul Goodman is well earned). Regardless, I’m sorry.

Discord ban appeal.

Looks like you were banned back in 2019 for posting NSFW content. But nothing overly terrible as far as I can tell. It’s been long enough to where I’d be willing to reverse this.

You can rejoin the Discord using: https://discord.gg/ss13

Feel free to let me know if you any issues rejoining.

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