Disable Swarmer Stripping

This comes off the back of a round where swarmers were roaming the halls and hunting down crew stunning, full stripping and then teleporting them often into rooms with no comms or means to escape.

Now most of this comes down to players ignoring their primary objectives to basically round remove crew. Removing the ability would stop prevent them from exploiting it and ruining peoples rounds.

Removing it would have no impact of them fufilling their objective of eating tbe station.


I’d say removing the ability for them to deconstruct protolathe boards (irreplaceable equipment) as well as portable air pumps (so that a swarmer can’t break one full of plasma and cause a plasmaflood) would also be nice.


That’s absolutely a player report moment because i’m sure they didn’t do it to ‘‘eat your belongings’’ but just to min-max being an asshole, if anything they can only eat very few of your items anyways so yeah, an asshole swarmer.

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Made a minimal effort to code fix this anyway and learned the proc I wanted to utilize has been deprecated and it is not as simple as overriding a proc to control stripping anymore. All mobs that rely on overriding mob/proc/stripPanelUnequip are currently able to strip even though they aren’t supposed to be able to because they weren’t updated when stripping code was datumized.

CBA to work more on this than that right now.


I’ve asked for the samr thing for Xenos, the response has basically been “When you code it”.

Swarmers are already barely antags, their point is to oppose crew. The fact that people thought they shouldnt be able to space the station and have no lethals is just dumb. You could just get one of the million counters to swarmers if you really hate them that much

It makes sense for xenos to be able to do it. It doesn’t make sense for swarmers though.


They already oppose the crew by mass deconstructing walls and machinery, why do you want them to be even more of griefbots?


I am no Xemobiologist. But they don’t do this in the movies… unless… What kind of Alien movie did you see?!

At least for xenos it makes sense gameplay wise for them to be able to remove headwear to infect crew, but swarmers dont have a reason to be do it as their focus is on eating the station not fighting the crew.


Because I feel like rounds would be far more interesting when antags can properly ANTAGONIZE the crew, not do some irrelevant damage and die to the slightest opposition like swarmers do, why even have them at that point?

Destorying all walls and critical machines is not? Armoury? Nom. Ore silo? Nom. Techfabs? Nom.

Because there’s different kind of antags, imagine that. Not that input from some literal who is of any value.

Did you have a stroke or what did the last message mean

I meant what I said. Swarmers can easily mass reproduce, and antagonize people by destroying things they need for normal gameplay. Making them be able to damage people would just turn them into another flavor of xenos/spiders.

You’re also a fresh new account spewing bullshit takes.


Toxic gatekeeping at its finest, also my main point is that they should have a measure of fighting back, like stunning a borg or having a way to open up vents somehow


I think they can open up vents from the outside, right?

You are a brand-new account that’s just diving in a suggestions thread, suggesting people disagreeing with you are having strokes.

I think you should cool it.
The thread will be closed or removed if people can’t behave.


Every antagonist has flavor text that they are supposed to follow and swarmers are no exception.

Regardless of what you may believe antagonists in general should be capable of or allowed to do, it is incorrect to play swarmers in a way that goes against their directive and purpose just as it is with any other.

Even swarmers should be allowed to strip, you should understand antagonists across the board exist to keep rounds interesting and entertaining - it is not fun or engaging for crew to me trapped in a maint room with no way to call for help or escape so this would be bad design to enable regardless of whether swarmers were meant to more directly antagonize crew.