Disable Blob in rounds with Lings

Basically, if a Blob spawns in, there’s no real way for it to kill off Lings, so it just draws out the round to excessive lengths. This isn’t much fun for the players who aren’t either the Blob or one of the Lings, and from personal experience, it’s not fun as the Blob either.

be robust lol :flushed:

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Being robust as the Blob is of no help against the Lings. Sure, you can down them for a few seconds, and maybe make them into a blob zombie for a minute, but they can revive from that. And because you can’t gib them, they’re going to kill you eventually. And there’s sod all you can do about it.

I would suggest trying to surround them in hardened slime. With a little micromanagement, you can ensure they stay down. Have a blobbernaut to keep an eye on them also helps.

Did your ez antag round perhaps get cucked by a different antag??

forgotpassword, absolutely. I’m not overly irritated about it, or at least, not as irritated as most of the other
non-ling players were. The moment I died, I got told to kill myself by at least 7 different people for delaying the round end for about half an hour because I refused to die in-game.

Sparrowbird611 I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I get blob.

Dude I won my first round as blob with changelings and space ninja, which both attacked me multiple times. Maybe you just bad luck? To quote every admeme ever: “Losing is part of the game”

Honestly, it really was some bad luck with how quickly I was found. The issue was more I couldn’t kill the lings and refused to just die, and it dragged the round on and made everyone not involved really mad at me for refusing to just give up.

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so lings that become blob zombies can just revive after the spore is killed or can they do it when the spore is on them?

a lot of the time the lings massacre the crew and casue the blob to win.
other timed they rush the blob and chop at it

Ive seen this happen sometimes, maybe instead of disabling them blobs should just get a hard counter to lings so that they also have to rely on the crew a little bit and have less incentive to just slaughter everyone. Something like the blob hijacking the changeling hivemind and blobbing up their genetics

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Even just an ability like release BZ gas would help

Every time you kill them, just pod zombie them. They won’t be able to escape unless someone kills the pod zombie, so just direct it away from everybody else.

They can get out of pod zombies by reviving.

You sure? Similar revives such as devil revive keeps them trapped there until the spore dies.

I was blobbernaut one time and we had a ling at blob core that kept reviving from the blob zombie form and kept attacking the core, all alone.

if lings die without the chemicals needed to revive they should stay down

Big no. The fact that they can revive after a short while is kind of the main shtick of lings. Maximum reduced chemical regen

Let’s just disable lings in rounds in which blob can appear

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