Dinnerwarez Antag ban after giving culties the slip

Title: Dinnerwarez Banned by Admin Bloons3

CKEY: Dinnerwarez

Admin’s CKEY: Bloons3

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Temproary

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (5/12/2020):

Round ID: 24718

Ban Reason: “Ghosted instead of playing a conversion antag”

Appeal Reason: I was 100% convinced I had Culties disabled and I was slated for death, thus ghosting.

Additional Information: Got nabbed by culties, hate culties, so I usually set McConfig so I don’t get culties. Apparently, I may have not done the needful for this server.
On every other server I’ve played, being converted while you have it disabled kills you, so I didn’t see any harm in ghosting while they were doing their lame little chanting.
I didn’t even get a bwoink about my transgression, after I died my character was given to someone else in the soul bank and I decided to re-check my settings, a bunch of things were disabled as I intended, and I noticed a big fat “BANNED” to all the other antag roles.

No bwoink telling me bad spaceman, just immediate 7 day ban without so much as a peep from the admins, I had to bwoink them to get anything out of them and even then it was lack luster conversation.

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Conversion antags being disabled only means you won’t be one at roundstart. They are not optional unless you are banned from them.

Ghosting without notification to admins so they can offer your body to other ghosts is poor conduct and cheats the cult out of a new pair of hands to help out.

Antag bans are standard for this behavior - if you can’t be a good sport about helping when converted, why allow you to be your own antag? Surely you would have complaint if you went through the risk and effort to brainwash someone and they responded by immediately ghosting.

“Surely you would have complaint if you went through the risk and effort to brainwash someone and they responded by immediately ghosting.” A fair assumption to make, but a wrong one nonetheless.

I don’t care if people would ghost upon a brainwash, I’d presume they like me were convinced a config disable would just kill them instead of being forced into a role they do not want to play.

Like I said, I’m very much used to just straight up dying during conversion if I have the role disabled.
I have a personal distaste for culties, and I haven’t spent enough time getting to grips with the other brainwashing antags, hence having them disabled.

There’s another good reason: No one that starts their round as cultist wants to waste their time on a guy that;
A) Doesn’t want to be a cultist
B) Doesn’t know the first thing he’s doing, which would be EXTREMELY frustrating, especially in AustismStation13 where impeccable gaming is expected, even if the expecting party is trash at best.

I’m pretty sure I did everything that could be reasonably expected, I disabled the roles and I ghosted upon conversion, EXPECTING to die immediately.
I’m most toasted about the fact that it was just a quiet ban, no instruction on “Hey, bad spaceman, next time tell us you don’t do culties so we can offer your corpse to the soulbank” or anything, I got taught these things by a fellow player.

If I’d had known beforehand that I wouldn’t die on conversion due to config settings, then I would have notified an admin, but this was my first time being converted, and I acted upon experience gained on other servers, where, again, you die on conversion if the role is disabled.

BeeStation, For Beginners

3. Be Excellent to Each Other

Be patient with players and try to assist them, especially new ones.

If this is your general experience with others teaching you (or lack thereof), speak up and say something to admins. If this is how you approach new players, kindly leave the server and don’t come back.

This is completely understandable and I should have said as much in the first post, that’s my bad. Ban should always be preceded by communication with the admin applying the ban in my opinion - unless you’ve closed the game at least.

Especially since this is, as far as I can see, your first offense

So I’d like to petition the unban for reasons of this whole thing being an honest mistake, a ban like this at this stage would be along the reasoning of “Oh you don’t want a car right now? Good, we’ll forbid you from getting a driver’s license until you change your mind and tell us.”

Yeah, should’ve just been a message “If you don’t want to play as conversion antag, wait for being converted and ahelp to have you offered to ghosts”
With a note that this was conveyed to you in case you do it again.

@bloons3 Penny for your thoughts?

Sorry about this. Should’ve bwoinked you first.

Really, just what Ravellon said.

“If you don’t want to play as conversion antag, wait for being converted and ahelp to have you offered to ghosts"

Immediately ghosting on being captured/converted messes with another player’s round. No one says that you have to be the best cultist, or the most active cultist.

I understand that now, as you might have surmised, I was under the wrong impression concerning the mechanics behind conversion on this server, does a mistake, which in the end didn’t ruin anyone’s round as someone (I suspect you) was very quick on rightfully giving my body away, which was quickly taken by a ghost.
Does that really warrant a 7 day ban still? It’ll look pretty shit on my record if I’m investigated in the future.

Removed ban.
Sorry for the confusion