Dinky the Clown feedback thread

Dinky doesn’t need a so called “feedback thread”, he already knows everyone loves him. Yet he will make one regardless.

-1 Clown not funny


litterly who?


Literally whom’st? - From LRP too edition!

Dinky the Clown?

More like Gay

Not a mime, -1

Tries to be interesting with recruiting people into clubs/armies/groups but thats their only gimmick. +0

Still one of the only two clowns I actually remember, behind Pepperoni, +1.5

are you the clown who seduced my mother?

Not the most fun to rp with as a pAI. Tends to use pAI as forced recruitment into their gang then ignores the pAI. -1
Has yet to make me laugh -1
At least their army recruitment gimmick doesn’t hurt people and isn’t excessively annoying. +1

10/10 great clown
Ive been a dealer for your gimmicks, a bouncer, and a border officer.
Pretty fun

I got to abuse you as my angry cmo character and you started a war. very fun, would abuse dinky again

These people are lying they love Dinky (Dinky will treat his pAI better)

Ung Glob more like Dung Slob (Dinky stills favors Ung)

Dinky will try to expand his gimmicks beyond recruitment

The family counseling is this coming Wednesday. Dinky loves his 38th son. Easily in the top 5 :slight_smile:

Dinky appreciates the sentiments.

Props to Xixia, you genuinely made Dinky seethe that shift.


Dinky The Cringe aka -1

Clown mostly angry and unfunny

Don’t listen to this man he’s crazy and delusional and literally covered in c


You’re funnier on the forums than in the game.

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automatic 1+ because clowns, automatic -1003273272772 if they like mimes

im so sorry i failed you papa, i couldve saved you :tragedy:

One time you told me and I quote “You literal ape I never injected you with bath salts” as you were feeding me a donut with bath salts injected in them. Died from brain damage like five minutes later. Solid +1 from me

Changed it up a lot lately, I’m changing my overall score from +0.5 to +1

You can trust this clown when it comes to negotiations, no betrayals, no funny business… well some funny business, he’s a clown after all.

We play catch in clown heaven together


Honestly, I don’t even remember that, but thanks haha

Thanks, might I ask in particular any gimmicks and stuff you liked?

Anytime. What did you message your mom before you left for your all-expenses-paid sweepstakes vacation to sunny resort planet Lavaland, anyways?