Dillion Finlay Finale Thread

Hello Beestation im the guy who plays Dillion Finlay
im leaving SS13 and so that means Beestation as well, I wanna just say that you guys, all of you are the best and this is simply the greatest station Ive ever had the joy of growing alongside you all truly made it a station worth spending time.

and so I also made this as a little goodbye thread and feedback thread because I really will miss you guys, OH PLUS if you have any screenshots of Dillion send em please.


so long, and thanks for all the fish


sad to see you go dude :frowning:


holdup is this for real? fucking 2022 man. good luck with whatever you do next my guy you shall surely be missed.


You’ve gone byond the impossible and broken free of this game. Farewell, and good luck.


So long and thanks for all the fish, dillion nyalay. Your gimmicks were always fun, and burger was hypnoflashed by you more times than burger can count

Gonna miss you Dillion. You were wonderful and great to see around!
Stay cool and hopefully I get to see you someday one way or another!

Lots of love, it was great seeing Dillion grow as a character over the year. The round your xenomom came to the station and tried to set you up with everyone while we hung out behind the bar is one of my favorite rounds.

Wherever you go, I hope your plans work out for you and that you find success in all that you do.

Will definitely miss you tons, make sure to come visit sometime okay?

You were one of the best Dillion. Seriously, I’m going to miss you alot :cry:

Godspeed you beautiful bastard, you’re one of the best lawyers I’ve seen on Bee and it’s always a pleasure to see you around and on common radio. I’m sad we’ve never really gotten to interact much but it was fun regardless.

See ya spaceman.

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Just fuckin wit ya. See you in another life.This text will be blurred


Damn… the iconic trio of Adan, Axel and Dillion + a wild Mogan will never be the same… I Always had fun talking with you, you did a lot of amazing gimmicks and you were a positive thing for the server, gonna miss ya tbh, i wish you the best in whatever you have planned and i hope to see you again in a couple of months, be safe! thanks for all the fish


Inb4 tomorrow we see Fillion Dinlay pop up :grin:



godspeed gamer, at least one of us could get free of this hell


ah, it looks like it’s beginning to rain.


god bless you funnyman

oh god no not you you were fucking amazing
please stay i beg of thee
(unless it’s for other reasons than being bored, in which case farewell and i’m glad i got to play with you)

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Dillions weird attraction to Xixia will probably remain one of the funniest bits i’ve played on ss13. Its been real, be well

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RIP, trench coat mafia is one man shorter.

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