Different version of space law I made a year ago


I made this and suggested it to Crossed a year ago, but then it just kind of died and didn’t go anywhere, oh well, what does everyone else think about this?

It’s not drastically changed, but it has its differences.

And yeah, I know that all of the pictures are broken, no idea why, I haven’t touched this for a year until now, and the pictures worked back then.

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Updated space law is likely to be the next big change for the server.

Oh, nice.


Looks good. This will help whatever poor sod has the initiative to update the wiki.

I like it. Especially the part where you clarify how much additional time should be given for Aiding and Abetting, Repeat Offenses and Escape Attempts.

Changelings/Testimony - All changelings are to be considered hostile alien lifeforms and a direct threat to all personnel. All changelings are to be killed on sight and immediately cremated. Forensic evidence and/or direct testimony from Mindshielded personnel is necessary to establish proof. Personnel who provide false testimony are to be charged with Murder if the supposed changeling is killed and attempted murder if it is not.

YES. You have no idea how many times people have insisted security should try to nonlethally detain and permabrig the murderous cuff-melting armblade-sprouting stun-negating vent-crawling Changeling.

Repeated attempts at disarming (more than 3), tabling, non-lethal chokeholds, minor punching (less than four), smashing bottles on heads, and stunning are all considered battery. For serious harm, see Assault.

I love the clarification present in this updated version.

Contraband: Foam Force Riot Pistol Foam Force Riot Foam Dart

These actually have legitimate uses. Foam Force duels in the halls are incredibly fun.

Oh, yeah I’ll remove the foam dart.

Your version was initially used as a reference point, but it isn’t anymore so unless you just want to for yourself, there’s not much need to continue maintaining it.

Ah, alright.


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