Did tg really try out pixel based movement?

Check assorted spacemans 2 last clip, i near shat my pants.

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Oh my god

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That shit is so cursed, i imagine it would break a looot of stuff tho.


Feels like watching a horror movie

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link please?

Belone has it right there




It looks like it grants potentially better combat

When you fall into chasm
Because you picked your finger 1 pixel late


Looks really cool, just seems very buggy atm.

absolute madlads from tg, i personally think its the future of ss13 but at its current state very buggy.
On the server i ran this pr it broke almost immediately

Oh god the CE and engineers trying to go into the sm chamber.

pixel based movement reminds me of unity station 13, which sucked

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What the fuck did I just watch?

That is so cursed. No. Erase these images from my brain.
This is like playing chess with Warhammer Rules: Yeah it’s doable if you’re really determined to do it, but it wouldn’t be chess anymore and why would you.

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