Dice rolling official thread

roll the dice
post results

if you can follow these simple instructions you can pass onto the next trial

rolled a d12
got a 4

/roll 100

Ez mid


i dont have a dice im not a nerd, will a coin flip be good enough?

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Rolled my eyes
Got a sigh


i rolled every number

Rolled 1000d
Got 720

rolled a d4

all my items got rerolled

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Rolled a D12 got a 9

Rolled D20, 15⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Rolled a 1 on a d20, of course.

flipped a coin and it landed on it’s side
done with this shit

rolled 3 d4’s 1,1,1
trully rotten luck

Pulled a card from deck of many things
its Flames

Rolled a d12, 8
Probably the first and last time I use it

Rolled a d6, it rolled off the table