Diakoptes banned by kerbinfiber



bee golden

uh, temp?

three days



Use a grenade on the escape shuttle as a non-antagonist. Resulting in someone dying and being spaced. Has a note about blowing science up.

I dropped a little bomb on a ling to gib it, the warden/hos might have been near said ling but he had just assaulted me, surely this is not worthy of a ban?

Uh the note about sci is probably back when I first started playing and accidentally blew up rnd after some guy showed me how to make a maxcap

No, I’m keeping this ban because you literally blew up a good radius around you, which killed/hurt a few people and spaced someone.

The person you killed and spaced was me. The ling was about to be thrown out the airlock. Your actions were unnecessary

ahh shouldent have hit me then

I was an assisstant

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