Devloping Beestation's Lore

Hey folks, I’m making this a suggestion thread on Beestation’s often overlooked and seriously under devloped.
As far as I’m aware since Bee lore isn’t located in one place we borrow a lot of our lore from TG with little sprinkles of our own stuff with no real references in-game to connect it.

I know for myself and others we end up making our own Bee lore due to the lack of any and I think anyone that cares about this kind of thing agrees that it’s about time we had some.

My suggestion is having a group of lore-makers to work together and create some actual bee lore, we should also have a reference

Why have a group of lore-makers apart of just one guy’s lore?
Simply put, we don’t want to lore that no one but one guy likes. Having a group that are dedicated and can discuss what they all think would be right for the lore would create a lot more accepted and devloped Beestation.
We could also provide suggestions from the community here on the forums or on the discord with a channel simliar to the “#ideasguy” or #pr-discussion"

Why is this even important?
Having this lore be more devloped created reason for what happens on the station. It validates rules sets and expends the worldbuilding that Bee desparately needs.

Thanks for reading my rambling post about lore.
If you have any suggestion or just thoughts on this topic overall let me know since I wanna hear it!


we have a lore channel… all 3 people that are in it say they got some funky lore… no one else believes them.
i do like this idea but if you really want to form proper beelore you’ll need a open easy to access and moderated location to store your lore.
what use is this lore push… if
no one can see it
no one can make sence of it
and everyone can just add their memes to the moth section


Who actually has access to that channel and how do they decide what is offical lore or not?

barely anyone… they just say… das cool… from what ive heard


anyone who asks headmins

we don’t

the lore channel is mostly dead and every attempt to start writing dies out after a single doc


That’s likely an issue caused by lore making being so secretive. Even if the channel was visable but only certain members are able to type in it would be better than it being hidden and forgotten.

The ideal way I want to see bee lore improve is just discuss at a larger scale on the lore and for staff to realise the importance of having lore on a roleplay focus server.


We have lore, it’s the common TG lore.

You are free to write and submit any lore piece you have.
Most often, people talk a lot about lore but don’t write anything, cause you know that takes effort.

And where exactly do I submit this lore? Where do I look for feedback for said lore?

If only three people have access to a channel where actual lore is being written then of course nothing is being written. I would write my own, as would others but the impression I see is that only a select few are allow to validate said lore otherwise it’s ignored.

Also if our lore is common TG than why do we have things that TG would have removed? (i.e. cloning) Those are issues that aren’t being addressed lore-wise.

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People told you, you ask headmins. And, it’s not three people who have access, there are people in there who have never written anything ever, @kit_Katz just threw that inflamatory statement in there for some reasons.

If you have nothing written at all, and are here to just get people riled up at the lack of beelore, which is a collective fault, then I might as well close this thread.

In order to write, you need either a pen and paper, or a software like Microsoft Word. You can even setup your own collaborative space like Google Docs. I don’t see how not having access to a discord channel could keep you from writing.

I’m looking forward to your ideas in the future. Right now this looks like yet another empty discussion/argument.

I still see that as a very restrictive system for lore building. I shouldn’t need to ask a headmin to see what people are talking about in the lore channels nor does the rest of the community. :roll_eyes:

also doesn’t make sense to have the channel hidden if only a small group are allow to know it’s existance. It would be like hiding the character backstory channel but I degress

I have written things of my own however I do not wish to submit something and be like “this is lore now” I want discuss about my choices and if it’s good for the server.

I’m ignoring the rest of your post due to me wanting to keep in topic. also my last reply was made as a mistake so yeah.

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I would like hear from people on the lore channel and give their feedback on my suggestion here since I’m interested on those who are in the “inside” about opening up lore discussions.

Lore could probably go on the wiki.
It’s honestly something we kind of need (More the status of the universe rather than the backstories of everything that don’t matter too much). Stuff that gets broken by things like bluespace tech being everywhere or whatever


OK write a comprehensive lore of all of bee station

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One condition, convince crossed to allow flavor text to be added to the game, and I will write a comprehensive history of the beestation universe and the current state of matters.

Is that a challenge or threat?

You should at least make it an realistic condition, everyone knows that flavor text is the lowest form of roleplay devlopment. :^)

I also agree that lore should be on the wiki rather than on some google doc no one knows about or how to edit.
I would personally be interested in Bee’s placement in the current universe of the game, species such as apids being devloped (for that it would be recommended to get feedback from actual Apid players) though like PowerfulBacon says Status is more important than backstory.

I am not against using TG common lore though plotholes do need to be filled.

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I personally want to write alot with regards to various things, namely, swarmers, plasma and the nature of lavaland, the PKA, spess carps, Moths and Apids and a little bit about the general setting as well.

but I don’t think I wanna mess with the discord and it’s channel because I am not a fan of discord.

You know by using the little “share topic” link button on PMs on the forum, we COULD all here form The secret bee station new lore cabal a private group chat on the forum rather than discord.


I would be for having discussions off discord. (It’s one of the reasons I made this post here and not there) However I also still perfer discussion to be visible to everyone and lore talk to not be private.
It is a good idea though that’s worth considering.

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