Devil is add?

can we get a devil antag i saw a option to be it ( in preferences ) but its not implemented in the game (unless admin command) i played it before on another server and it was very fun.

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I think it was removed because people like to kill the valid.
Also the devil wasn’t fun to play against once it completed its objectives

you could still ascend to become a literal demon also I’m pretty sure only curator can kill devils because they resurrect and only he has the codex gigas which only he can accurately read ( if you want to kill a devil either use the codex or find all his contracts and make them void by lawyering )

Crusty game mode.

devils were removed because of the ridiculous powergaming they started. The curator’s codex gigax was mostly just fluff - security just shot and cremated/gibbed the devils anyways.

Codex gigax was and still is completely bugged. Ontop of that every devil round was a shitshow because of the random powers.


Signing any contract prevents the signer from being resurrected in any way.


Signing this contract fully heals the signer, and gives the signer hulkism and a single use hivelord core for instant healing. a mutation and a heal barely powergame


Signing this contract gives the signer a spell, summon wealth, which creates valuable materials out of nothing. summon some money will be slight powegamey after 1000 times


Signing this contract gives the signeran all access gold ID, and gives the AI a new law enforcing the signer’s position. is powergame could be removed


Signing this contract gives the signer the knock spell, and a robeless “lightning bolt” spell, which allows you to throw what amounts to tazer packets. a tazer and a knock spell less powergamey then up


Signing this contract gives the signer x-ray vision, and the ability to see ten tiles away.
a deleted mutation slight powergamey


Signing this contract gives the signer the ability to call forth a human shell, which may be inhabited by a ghost. Casting the spell again will instantly dust the new human, giving you complete control over their life and death. literaly just a friend


This contract works differently than the others. Instead of a living person signing this, the devil simply summons the contract and hits a corpse with it. The ghost of the corpse is then given the option to sign the contract, and be returned to life. very cool

(edit )also codex gigas is bugged(fixable ) alright maybe but these contracts are certantly very random dont even know what they do sure hope there wasnt some wiki i can check

A refactor was proposed a while ago, sadly this is a wyci moment.

yeah i read it and its just a i give you super powergamy stuff like 20 tc (25 tc for romerol) and 2 wizard points and a bunch of cool powers for antags ( devils can summon them endlessly if all dead and oh yea you cant really kill devil in his room) more chaotic then original devil


Knock is significantly more powerful than all access.

It isn’t removed.

It’s like Kilostation sorta-limbo.

Aka not in rotation but still exists code wise and can be forced with admin verbs.

(Kilo-Station limbo explanation doesn’t work if they don’t know the current state of Kilo)


You are correct.

Devil was removed because people refused to not sign contracts, not realizing either that doing so made the devil stronger, and the curators codex was bugged. I think it’s gonna stay out of the game like the gangster mode, people don’t know how to RP around it.

Also personally devils were kind of bad when they were in place, mostly because you could sign multiple contracts and just get them removed via the lawyer’s office and keep the perks. At that point you’re just giving players a speedrun of AA and a hulk with a legion core implant.

dont think knock opens bolted doors and it has a cooldown also hulkism can be made by a genetisist 30 min into the round

It opens any and all doors

oh that is pretty strong then
but i know that you cant keep the perks of a contract once its removed also hulks with aa and a one time use heal all thing are better then the previous devil thing that i read

The Devil’s success or demise is entirely based on a player’s choice to sign their contract or do whatever else (buckshot them), i think you can quickly see where one of the problems with this gamemode are.
You may argue that people should just RP and get intimidated but if that happens every time the devil just becomes invincible and everyone takes the L with no chance to fight back, on the other side if people simply don’t sign the contracts so everyone doesn’t die the devil becomes unable to win and is just a tider with magic.
The powers themselves after you sign a contract are also stupid, most of the players will obviously go for things such as Power, Magic or Prestige and using those will half the time break some server rules, you should also note that there is nothing stopping the players that signed the contract to just attack the devil instantly.
In my opinion the gamemode sucks ass and it would need a complete rework before even considering adding it back to the active gamemode pool.


The game mode sucks because people think that signing a contract gives them a free greytide pass.


Pretty good points and prestige should be removed or replaced it’s very problematic the rp problem is also pretty troublesome but devil can’t be invincible he is like a ascended flesh heretic with the worm big damage still killable