Det Arnold schpitz and alec petrov report

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: blazikenowen

   Your Discord:blazikenowen

   Offender’s CKEY: Crow4 don't know rests

   LRP or MRP server:LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Arnold schpitz don't remember detectives name and alec patrov

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):05-13-2021

   Round Number:29623

   Rules Broken: self antag, don't be a dick

   Incident Description: det and alec along with arnold were hanging and killing people arnold shot me multiple times at the start with syringe gun for no reason

   Additional Information:

Discord report:

Title: [Offender’s Discord] Discord Report

Your Discord:

Offender's Discord:

Rules Broken:

Incident Description:

Additional Information:

Hey there. Arnold here. So the OP, playing as the clown (fittingly), comes up to chemist and says “hey can I have a syringe”. I say “okay” and then go get him one. He then shouts over comms that “Arnold gave me a syringe and told me to kill captain with it” for no reason. I then shoot his dumb slime self with some harmless chems to them, they continue on their merry way. Calling me an antag for no reason randomly, as a non antag means you deserve the syringe gun shots IMO. Plus, it didn’t harm ya.

You said For no reason. However you totally broke the things you’re saying I did yourself by saying i said some bullshit about killing captain (don’t be a dick, don’t self antag)

Now on to the next thing in this jumbled mess. “Arnold and Det and Alec were hanging and killing people” is 100% false. All the people the detective and I (not Alec, the chaplain, who wasn’t even involved with this) were hanging in a brutal decor were already dead. Souls departed, all that good shit, and 2 were monkies. No one was murdered, especially by me. I didn’t even see detective murder anyone, just delimb people, because he was kinda a nut. I’m sure the logs will reflect that I never killed anyone. :slight_smile:

Also they hardcore salted in OOC about it both during round and during the NEXT round, I straight up told them to file this report because they honestly refused to believe they were incorrect. I hope this sheds light on the fact that they were 100% wrong.

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as a clown you can make jokes people can’t just attack a person for what a clown says at most you would of been checked also the chems made me sleep and the first one made me drool for a while normally a indication of brain damage also people actively saw people hanging people and killing them I saw them and they even said they would hang me for pulling down the mime who at the time could of been revived after a while they departed there soul because they saw what was happening also I’m not “100% wrong”

You sure you weren’t brain damaged to begin with? :exploding_head:

at most you would have been checked
so you just decided to do some self antag douchery with 0 provocation because…?

You are 100% wrong and i can barely understand your replies.

Just name the chems you shot him with

Also, LRP
Shooting people with space drugs and morphine (What I’m guessing this was) is not really reportable and an IC issue.

Separate IC and OOC, don’t do this shit on the forums

i had nothing to do with the hangings or the syringe gun shooting bro where do I fall into this


The first was spaceicilin the second was either the imp brain damage one or more spaceicilin. (New at chemist. I’m learning.) Also youre right I gotta work on the separate IC and OOC. Just frustrating. Not only did I explain several times to them in OOC both rounds that no one murdered their meta mime friend, but I was nice the first like 4 times I did before I said “just go make a pr”

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Yeah I’m sure you can just morphine people without having broken any rules at all. Just because it’s LRP does not mean you get to be an asshole for no reason.

If you run around provoking people, calling them traitors in radio, then yeah, expect morphine

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Guy ducks with chemist randomly. Gets chemicals. Also it wasn’t morphine.

I was a clown I wasn’t exactly provoking people also I didn’t call him a traitor it was also just before we got any alert of hostiles it was rather obvious to others that it was a clown being a clown doesn’t give an excuse to shoot someone twice with random chems one of which causing drooling the other causing sleep for abit if I wasn’t playing a oozeling that round it coulda done alot more damage

you do realize a clowns job IS to fuck with people as long as it doesn’t go to far which it didn’t it was obvious it wouldn’t end up with you harmed or anything from how I shouted what I did

yes, clowns can do shit like random traitor calls, and they get less admeme intervention for doing so, however at the same time it does not give you any ic protection, and infact your status as a clown allows people to beat you up, demean you, and generally treat you worse than any other player. either accept that your role as a clown is to be the station joke, and that it is allowed for some people to do what they see fit to you, or switch roles


you can’t just beat a clown though or just drug them up because they shouted someone told them to kill captain especially when its so blatently obvious that its bullshit I mean who hands a clown a empty syringe and tells them to kill the captain with it what is the clown gonna do knock down the captain and slowly drain him/her of blood

Oh no my actions have consequences my funny harmless prank randomly resulted in literally no damage from another funny prank! You can’t prank the clown!

Also I took into account you were slime person, that’s why it didn’t hurt you. I didn’t shoot you with my chloral hydrate emergency ones or my water ones, the water iirc actually would harm you. I wasn’t trying to hurt ya. If i wanted to hurt ya I could have, because i had a bunch of syringes, and then I had a bunch of sec gear, but I never hit ya, never detained you never stopped you, at all.

never said that but you are acting like a child while its fine to prank the clown injecting them with whatever with a syringe gun and nobody knowing what it is isn’t exactly a joke also I doubt you even realized I was a oozeling until I told you

I realized it, because when you spoke it said blorbles, meaning slime, meaning don’t shoot with water because that kills probably, instead shoot with spaceicillin, doesn’t do much.

Don’t you play Marilyn Blutenburger? If so that’s a tad ironic, don’t you think?

You said this as if it was a general thing you could get away with on lrp. If this was a misinterpretation you have my apologies.


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