Describe your character/their lore in worst way possible

My gut is telling me there has already been a thread like this but its also the same thing telling me to throw myself into the vacuum of space.

Either way, since Licks-the-fruits is on prolonged retirement im gonna start with Hutch

A playthrough of rainworld as survivor/saint except only one shelter is avaible


internship gone extremely wrong


Sheltered hermit decides to become a doctor because he was bullied.

Feral kobold enjoys shinies.

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pyromaniac signs up as a firefighter

foreigner works a front desk job

high school chemistry teacher has to pay for cancer treatment


Mentally unstable man finds a fish and a glowing rock (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU)


Usually has a Memory so scrambled it’d make a case of dementia look quaint, but otherwise is the ultimate mis-match of low level fodder employee and mid level supervisor that is too valuable and would take too long to replace.

A computer program install wizard got a job managing a bunch of insane people on a space station.


Lizard experiences Manifest Destiny

Mu: SOMA the game but a person
Sparrow: Fight the Power with a splash of trauma
Kess: Spoiled kid evolves to Karen

But they’re all the same person.

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Walking disaster decides a metal death trap is a good change of pace.

edit: someone else gave another accurate summary: “Medical catgirl requires headpats”


when the hypercapitalist megaconglomerate that controls all of society has had infinite rights to clone you in perpetuity since you signed a contract 500-600 years ago and has used your clone in countless ways on countless stations throughout the eons and has begun using you and your fellow employees in a sick and twisted series of social experiments that run for days on end and generate only the tiniest modicum of profit in what can only be described as an infinite, unending hell for all the copies of you that will never remember, but you just drank an entire liter of formaldehyde, so you don’t really care!!!


lets see

  • moth learned what happens in a shuttle crash

  • mitosis plasmaman

  • i survived 2 deployments and 1 event of being captured by the enemy and all i got was this lousy nanotrasen job

  • i was abused and somehow my mental disorder hasnt gotten me fired


God-Complex tin can.

mental asylum escapee hiding as a mute weirdo


A mentally ill loner in a society that abandons him and treats him like trash

If you think about it though, that quote perfectly applies to gamer assistants. Mentally ill as they can’t RP and focus on being a gamer which would be insane to real people, the station abandons them as who the fuck cares about assistants, and security treats them like trash because they are greytiding and shit.


“Just a guy”

“Local doctor realises that the healing is not as rewarding as hurting”

“I used to be an adventurer like you, than I took a laser to a knee”

Daddy Issue Lawyer, gets drugged up to be funny when needed.

Bald in denial lizard who doesn’t remember why.

Another felinid, expect broken.


Robot somehow manages to die in every stupid way possible, walks away somehow.

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Flint: man just trying to do his job
Lyra: brain tumor
Boston: nervous child trying his best