Desastro banned by superdork55

CKEY: Desastro

Admin’s CKEY: superdork55

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: I believe both

Ban Type: Game ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-10-19 14:37

Round ID: 8164

Ban Reason: Murdered people in arrivals with ckey The_Jok3r1 as non antag, when questioned they said ‘riot’. Please appeal on the forums if you feel this is unjust.

Appeal Reason: I would like to be unbanned for multiple reasons, and the first reason being is that I was new to Space Station 13 and I feel that a permanent ban for RDM is way too much for an individual who’s new to the experience and has a clean admin record. The second reason is that I regret what I did and I learned my lesson and I would appreciate a second chance. The third reason is that Beestation is somewhat a relaxed and layed back server, it doesn’t require me to be very serious when RPing unlike other servers and its also perfect for learning the gamemode so I would like to go back on that server to keep learning new things about SS13 and become a better player because that is what Beestation offers to most of the new SS13 players, knowledge.
As cliche as it may seem to some of you, but I somewhat enjoyed Beestation more than the rest of the available servers in the game and that’s not because I enjoyed RDMing on that day.

Additional Information: N/A

Hey there,

There is a two reasons why I don’t want to unban you.

  • You were seen to metagame with your buddy and randomly started killing people.
  • You honestly seemed to come on the server to grief. Memed in ahelp responses and your buddy also gave the exact same response.

I’d like for the other Admins to give input on this ban in all honesty.

The only reason I’d consider unbanning you would be if other server Admins can vouch for you.

Thank you for responding.

Can you tell me what other servers you have been playing on, if the other admins give good feedback I will lift the ban.

I played on Paradise Station for abit after I got banned from Beestation for awhile.

Right since the ban is almost 2 months I’ll take it as you learnt your lesson. Please don’t do the same thing again and please read the server rules.