DerpyMcDerpDerp player report (accepted)

   CKEY: VictorPride

   Your Discord: VictorPride

   Offender’s CKEY: DerpyMcDerpDerp

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Alfred Collins

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-15-2019

   Round Number: 12525

   Rules Broken: 3

   Incident Description:

I’m HOS, he’s assistant. Roundstart asks AI to let him into the Vault, he goes in and starts hacking into the safe. I call my team to detain him, he wrenches down the secret docs cabinet infront of the entrance and delays the arrest for another few minutes before I manage to get inside and detain him. Brigged for Major Trespass and Resisting Arrest, yadda yadda moving swiftly on.

Good Boy murderbones the station as part of a hijack objective for the next almost hour before finally being caught and killed. I take a second to check his corpse and Alfred is immediately there, and steals the RD’s Reactive Teleport Armour off the corpse. He then stuns with a stun baton and sets me on fire. After which I’m nearly crit and my Brig Physician nearby helps me out. He then goes for maybe 20 seconds and literally drags a Space Dragon to me. It immediately tail whips and gibs me, then he chills with the Space Dragon in the Bridge afterwards and making announcements for it.

   Additional Information:

I made a ticket about this and it was immediately closed as IC, which I believe is just because I was being given a very brief and invalid role ban at the same time, which I am also appealing.

I’m…assuming he wasn’t an antag in that round?

I wouldn’t make this kind of report about an actual antag.

Today I will murder an innocent borg infront of an assistant after stealing his belongings and brigging him for an unreasonable amount of time and not expect him to dislike me

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He chills with the Space Dragon in the Bridge afterwards and making announcements for it.

I was the space dragon that round, following this part from the spawning blurb you get

From the wizard’s writings, he had been studying this station and its hierarchy. From this, I know who leads the station, and will kill them so the station underlings see me as their new leader.

I literally told the guy if he didn’t make announcements for me he’d be next in getting killed and gibbed following that whole ‘Take over the station’ thing it suggests, so that part was completely IC.

He did drag me to you before that though, and it didn’t seem right to me personally either. Up to the admins on that though

Borg tries to go into the Armory, I question it why. I can’t think of a reason it needs to go physically inside unless it wants to hide the Ion Rifle. I tell it to open it’s cover, it does not do it, “bite me” and I was checking both through examine and crowbarring. I don’t know if they simply don’t understand silicon laws or what but that’s not what you’re supposed to do.

after stealing his belongings

Literally what. That I took your tools after you trespassed and used them to prevent your arrest? You can’t be serious.

and brigging him for an unreasonable amount of time and not expect him to dislike me

Bruh read the wiki for Major Trespass even. “Being in a very high security area, such as the armoury or the Captain’s Quarters, is a more serious crime, and warrants a time of 10 minutes with a possible permabrigging if intent is believed to be malicious.”. Being in a place with two Grand Theft level objectives certainly meets that criteria also and it’s rwalls and reinforced doors makes this pretty blatant.

You were even given leeway for the time spent resisting arrest, which I should have added to your timer. And you want to call it unreasonable enough that it’s an excuse to kill me lmao.

You aren’t allowed to take tools and shit if they weren’t used in the crime meaning you literally just stole my belongings and again I witnessed you kill someone for no reason and yes it did have its cover open too bad you’re bad at examining. Besides “”“malicious”""’ intent I wanted to open the safe to get the contents of it or give them away

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You…literally self-antagged.

ask AI over public comms to let me into vault so I can open the safe
literally just try to open the safe
How is this an issue holy shit

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You committed Major Trespass, of course I’m going to confiscate your tools, I don’t want you trespassing again. And you did use the tools to help you Resist Arrest by wrenching down the cabinet infront of the doorway. Why would I let you keep them?

you’re bad at examining


I wanted to open the safe to get the contents of it or give them away

You give them away? Let’s not kid ourselves here

The contents of the Delta safe are mostly ores which I have no use for and a Desert Eagle I can’t use for obvious reasons so yes your ‘YOU GIVING THINGS AWAY?’ non argument doesn’t work here
Also nice one taking all of my tools with your retarded logic when I didn’t use any of them to “”“break”"" in and just wrenched a file cabinet to the floor

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Literally powergaming to get a Desert Eagle roundstart and claiming you would have given it away. Alright mate.

Again, you committed the relevant crime of Major Trespass so I took the your tools. It’s fully within Security’s rights to confiscate them to prevent similar future crimes. And again, you used them to resist arrest. Maybe next time you weld a door shut to prevent arrest, who knows. Either way I had two big reasons to confiscate them.

This is still fuck all reason to stun, set me on fire then drag your dragon friend over to gib me.

seeing a person kill someome and having your items stolen by them isn’t valid
using a desert eagle
I’m going to sleep now fuck staying awake

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Report processed, no log diving done because there is no debate here about whether or not the reported player did these actions, only attempted justifications for the actions.

4-day ban Authorized by @RodBoward for powergaming on MRP.