Derpymcderpderp beaned by kerbin_fiber

CKEY: derpymcderpderp

Admin’s CKEY: kerbin_fiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 1 and 2 week(s)

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-13 20:18

Round ID: 10207

Ban Reason: Self-Antag. Don’t take the Krav Maga gloves as an assistant.

Appeal Reason: Haha I’d be fine if this was MRP only which would still be retarded because I had the gloves for like 5 minutes after beating the fugitive (Waldo) for looting the entire armory with them and then throwing them away when Kerbin told me not to have them. Imagine banning someone from LRP for having krav maga gloves for 5 minutes as assistant.

Additional Information: Literally said ‘You shouldn’t be on MRP’ seems kind of like a grudge to me bro maybe stop taking 2d spessmen so seriously?

Here’s the thing. On lrp, its self antag by council ruling. It’s litterally a example. On mrp, its power gaming. And everyone knows you LOOOOOVE to do that. Less of a grudge, more of him knowing you will power game more.

Ah yes me using the krav maga gloves to beat someone who raided the entire armory and tried shooting me and then throwing the gloves away is a very bad offence on lrp right?

Pretty sure kerbin said he never did.

he had 2 energy guns 2 disablers a laser the temp gun and the krav maga gloves bruh

I mean throwing away the gloves.

i threw the gloves away after kerbin clarified what he meant by me powergaming too much so all he had to say was ‘drop the gloves’ or something along those lines instead of trying to bait me into getting myself banned wew

Can I just unban him?

Too late for that, you must now be bad mouthed in public

I feel like this is a shitty ban from the lack of experience I’ve had with waldos and powergaming on MRP with a mix of bad communication

Its your ban my guy, and the info I was getting was from the discord

I’m kinda logdiving to get the full pic.

negative props to the Waldo for arming up as a fucking WALDO on a MRP server

neutral props to @anon60218928 for robusting waldo but keepin’ the krav maga’s

anyways log diving time, see y’all in 5’


  • Collins did actually throw the gloves away
    DerpyMcDerpDerp/(Alfred Collins) has thrown the krav maga gloves (Starboard Primary Hallway (149, 131, 2))

  • Waldo did actually attack despite being fucking Waldo
    [2019-12-14 01:59:30.477] ATTACK: /(Waldo) has shot DerpyMcDerpDerp/(Alfred Collins) with the freeze beam (NEWHP: 99.3) (Fore Maintenance (120, 160, 2))
    [2019-12-14 01:59:52.691] ATTACK: /(Waldo) has fired at [floor] with the disabler beam from Port Primary Hallway (Port Primary Hallway (68, 142, 2))

  • Waldo even had the fuggin’ krav maga
    [2019-12-14 02:02:59.358] ATTACK: DerpyMcDerpDerp/(Alfred Collins) has stripped the krav maga gloves off /(Waldo) (NEWHP: 89.9) (Central Primary Hallway (129, 137, 2))

ngl shoulda bwoink’d Waldo for playing the antag wrong. Fuckin’ waldo hides, doesn’t go in an inverted manhunt.

As for Collins, this is still up to @Kerbin_Fiber though I’d personally lift it.

Tho why were you on the janicart bruv. That ain’t yours. That could count as self antagging since that’s hard to replace if we follow the council ruling. I know Janitor didn’t consent it to you since I just banned Janitor for raiding armory to get his janicart back since sec is not helping.

IMO lift LRP ban, reduce MRP ban.

I believe there’s a bug for Waldo where the “goal/tool tip” whatever you want to call it doesn’t pop up/ is blank least was for me twice

Unban the janny him raiding armory to get back at me is fair bruh!!

Yeah, I feel like this ban is bad and I need to SLEEP. However, some time off of MRP for just getting on and shitposting with the janicart. It’s MRP dude, you can do that on LRP.

I mean the “goal” is the same.

Be a fugitive. Escape. Greentext.

ACTUAL fugitives from a fucking space prison? They can kill
malf synths? too
Yalp Elor? Probably. It’s roleplay anyways.

Waldo though.

Waldo is fucking waldo. He hides.

Hell, if we just roll our eyes at the different types of fugitives that are there and say that all fugitives behave exactly the same then Waldo went AGAINST lavaland escalation and he should get antag beaned.

Eh, don’t.
Try and be a tad confident. Don’t just shit on yourself.

I expressed my 2 cents already. LRP ban for this is kinda dumdum. The other part’s up to you.

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I’m just saying when I played I didn’t know what/who I was
Maybe same for them
Dunno if it was bug or fixed cause no admin made me Waldo to check

Can’t select a specific subtype of fugitive, but that’s all it says.

Edit: Like deadass dunno why waldo even went to the armory. Kinda dum, shoulda just hid,e,