Derpymcderpderp banned by zodrakdovah

CKEY: derpymcderpderp

Admin’s CKEY: zodrakdovah

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: lrp

Ban Type: perma

Ban Length: perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-09-27 15:30

Round ID: 7426

Ban Reason: For you derpy, you breaking rule 4, on a team objective is a bit more serious then a normal rule 4 break if you are directly and intentionally seeking and ruining teammates rounds on a team objective antag type, breaking antag conduct assisting a crew member to ruin fellow ling’s rounds during a team objective and even killing them (which i will place in the logs at the bottom of this response) is an obvious breaking of rules 1, 4, and 7, a hard and obvious break of these rules with your playtime this probably wouldn’t be a perma if you didn’t willingly decide to hunt and kill other changelings instead of just ignoring them. Unlike owen who had his perma re-instated instead of having a new perma inflicted, i think that you should post a ban appeal in a week to a month and it should be looked at and maybe this perma can be appealed. I’m sorry for my inaccurate reason for my ban, not being able to have proof of meta-communications without infringing on your privacy. antag, they met up without saying a word over radio or pda msgs, then proceeded to break derpy’s team objective by using derpy’s ling abilities to let max find and identify lings and kill them, keeping derpy (the ling) alive to ruin other player’s ling rounds appeal on the forums if you think its unjust.

Appeal Reason: I’m not gonna ruin the fun of team members again or go against my objectives in an attempt to ruin their rounds.

Additional Information: I realise that there is no enjoyment in ruining the rounds of my teammates as an antagonist.

I’m biased on this one since I usually enjoy you and watching you robust half the server, though you did went overboard last time.

I’ll let other admins give their 2 cents first.

While i personally think this ban is somewhat reasonable, i guess we can arrange it for an unban on thin ice on a few days if you really want to, if you actually work to not cause the issue shown here again, as next time it will be a perma again, probably without the ability to be appealed.

It’s been two months, so I’m willing to give the benefit of doubt due to time spent off.

However if this is appealed it should be done so on the grounds that any repeat offense will be permanent.

I’d say give him a chance. People change in 2 months. See what happens.

Alfred Collins robust. Let him come back

Alfred usually does not resort to killing someone unless he absolutely has to. He’s really good at chainslipping people though.

or unless he can

aka antag roll

I still remember him rolling traitor and just going ham with a fireaxe in medbay

Wrong, Alfred is a merciless killer who killed everyone as an IAA with a toolbox.

I just remember the time he got north star and a stimpack and slew everyone in the hallways.

can’t forget these moments


solid choice for administration


What the hell?

On another note, I miss kain.

kainy wainy isnt forgotten 3:



kainy come hooommee
kainy come home

Well, Dovah is currently on a break. I’ma flex the headmin power.

unbanning on thin ice, don’t be a dumb nibba.

alfie cowwins inbanned we rejoice