Derpymcderpderp banned by rukofamicom

CKEY: derpymcderpderp

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: mrp

Ban Type: temp

Ban Length: 4 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 02.23.2020

Round ID: 12525

Ban Reason: MRP-only. Powergaming by breaking into vault at round start for desert eagle. Auth Rod Boward

Appeal Reason: hmmgh yes me opening the safe to give the contents away is powergaming and I totally can use a desert eagle as pacifist :drooling_face:

Additional Information: Pacifist :drooling_face:

Corrected round ID to match the one the ban was issued for
My mistake for not including that in the ban reason
~ Ruko

I mean, yeah.

  1. No Powergaming
    Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.

Being a pacifist doesn’t give you a free pass to break this, especially if you’re just being a proxy for someone else to break the rule because “Well, he gave it to me”

I consider unwarranted breaking into places a violation of this in most cases too:

Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional. Act like it.
Respect space law and standard operating procedures. Committing minor crimes is justifiable through roleplay, but major crimes should typically be avoided.

Major Crimes
Possession of a Restricted Weapon
To be in possession of a restricted weapon without prior authorisation, such as: Guns, Batons, Flashes, Grenades, etc.
Major Trespass
Being in a restricted area without prior authorisation. This includes any Security Area, Command area (including EVA), the Engine Room, Atmos, or Toxins Research.

While not explicitly listed as a qualifying area for major trespass, the vault is as heavily guarded against intrusion as any door possibly can be - Bolted and reinforced at roundstart.

Well yeah, offering sec the contents of the safe is a big nono…
Think for one second because the safe is literally meant to be opened

Sure. By an antagonist or in an emergency. It’s a really nice and powerful gun in there, and as quoted it’s explicitly against the rules to go for it on MRP without a valid prior reason.

It’s not meant to be opened by antags or in an emergency really as evidenced by the varying useful to uselesness contents of it depending on the map.
Again I literally just wanted to open the safe and funny meme thing I didn’t even get to open it that round AFAIK

kinda retarded thinking any antag, or a based hos, will actually take some of their time to open the safe. Also dont admins bowink the hos on mrp iif he is powergaming :thinking:
its meant for people that have reached the peak of being robust and are trying to experiment, i have never opened the safe and i think everyone should go out of their way to open it, since most people dont even care about it whats the difference between having some assistant steal the gun, and leaving it to rot for the next round.
Lets not forget he couldnt even use the item so it would serve him no use at all, except to show off.

Unless he gave the gun to someone else I’d be a bit hesitant to call it powergaming. While the rule does explicitly say dont gather weapons and such, the spirit of it is that they are using it for an advantage. They could just hand it off to someone so they they could get assistance by proxy like Ruko stated, and then it would lead more to PG. But without proving intent on that punishing for it is weird.

I do agree that breaking into the vault at round start as non-antag is absolutely breaking the RP rule. Derp even said it was for the funny meme thing. I agree with Bruce’s point that it is a good test, but on it should be done as an antags, on Golden, or an IC station wide emergency.

We have threads and conversations all the time about Sage not being played correctly. We just had a council vote seeing if we should white list the whole sever to stop the problem you contributed to. And your a council member so you should be knowledgeable on the rules and problem with it.

I would say 4 days were too much for a first or second offense, but this is your 6th ban of varying severity since the start of February. Almost all recent bans and notes revolve around breaking MRP rules. If we’re going to enforce Sage rules this is a pretty clear case to do it in.

Edit: phone typing mistakes

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‘break in’ I literally told the AI to let me in and announce to everyone that I’m cracking the safe

If you got approval from heads then it isn’t breaking in or trespassing. A lack of response isn’t approval though. Having the AI open doors to restricted places for you based on law adherance is still a crime. The AI doesn’t have authority to authorize you to tide, and is obligated to help you unless they are a player who likes to stay safe in the “letting you in will lead to harm.” Logic.

Again it wasn’t much of a break in because I told it to ANNOUNCE to the whole station that I would be doing this so the chances of me doing anything bad would be pretty much nil and again I couldn’t use the desert eagle and would have offered it to sec

ranged weapon

If supplying sec with weapons and giving them more abilities to catch and secure da antag, then what are you even supposed to do to help others, literally nothing as in everything you do is HURR DURR POWERGAYIM BAN!!! Kinda stupid doe because he gave it away to sec so how the fuck is it powergaming and making a nonbwoinkable issue bannable because notes is retarded

Went through logs since it now became necessary to do so. As I stated in the player report thread, I didn’t at the time because you never denied anything in the report against you; just attempted justifications.

AI did open the door for them and was immediately berated for it.
AI cannot open the safe, which you did try to break into once inside of the vault, very much against security’s will.
Could not confirm anything about the gun in question, but that’s most likely because it ended up in and stayed in the armory for the rest of the round after your arrest.
Also confirmed Victor’s report of you having attacked him, previously thought to just be him referring to the space dragon you helped. Unless it’s also just a meme to chase the head of security down as non-antag and repeatedly spray them with a mixture of Fluorosulfuric Acid (destroys armor and jumpsuit) and Chlorine Triflouride (Fire bad) in a spray bottle turned up to dispense 5u instead of 2u.

[2020-02-15 01:48:52.841] ATTACK: DerpyMcDerpDerp/(Alfred Collins) has sprayed with VictorPride/(Zane Blake) with the space cleaner which had /datum/reagent/toxin/acid/fluacid (2.5u) and /datum/reagent/clf3 (2.5u) (NEWHP: 89.7) (Research Division (129, 97, 2))

You are and have been a general shitter for a while, and you don’t even accept that your actions might be a tiny bit bad. You are set to pacifist, yes, but are only using it to justify your actions. A pacifist wouldn’t be happily handing guns out to others or turning a spray cleaner bottle into a chemical weapon that even the Nazis would be afraid to use. (No really, look up when we discovered Chlorine Triflouride)

he gave it away to sec

No he was arrested. He did not willingly give it up, and did everything he could to resist being arrested. He then protested that having his tools taken away from him was shitsec behavior

Hmghh yes the gun I can give up the gun I never got to sec and I sprayed that at Victor because like I said in the player report he killed a borg infront of me for no reason

‘Did everything he could to not be arrested’
You mean putting a literal file cabinet in front of his way so I can keep cracking the safe? :drooling_face:

Man y’all retarded let a nibba have fun on MRP

Most of what I can say has already been said in the player report and in others posts but I’ll mention some others:

  • I’d have liked to have seen the original ban reason explicitly say it was self-antag also that led to it, though it has been mentioned in other posts.
  • This just ain’t MRP behaviour. No sane professional would risk getting perma’d by trespassing into the vault in real life at the start of their working day. Nor would they resist arrest, be doing it to get a powerful gun, nor set the HOS on fire and get them gibbed because of being mad that a borg was killed but then later revived.
  • I doubt the “giving away to Security” line completely because otherwise you would have simply asked permission to crack the safe to do so or not have resisted arrest.
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Not only do you not acknowledge that I killed you because you destroyed a borg for no reason even though it was following your orders but you fail to mention that just to save your own ass :pensive:

I already said I’m not going to repeat points made before, this was addressed both in my ban appeal and the player report that led to this ban, but I’ve updated my post to add your reason if that’s your main one now.

Why do you keep stating that the people working on SS13 are “trained professionals” cause this ain’t a HRP server.

What role was this man, an assistant?