Derpmycderpderp ban'd by azlanonpc

CKEY: derpymcderpderp

Admin’s CKEY: azlanonpc

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: sage

Ban Type: temp

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-01-04 13:30

Round ID: 11071

Ban Reason: Killed a stranded doctor for being nearby the ashwalker base, claimed to be in self defense against a stun prod. This ban applies only to the sage server.

Appeal Reason: I literally acted within IC information and things I saw IC
I literally saw the doctor in the base and was assuming he was helping the ass liggers as he was next to a downed one with a medkit and when he came at me with a stunprod I naturally assume he wants to do da sex to me bro.

Additional Information: I saw him in da base with my epic x-ray eye of god vision
Also I want to kill megafauna please…won’t go for valids just 4u.

Pretty damn sure the lavaland doctors are NOT valid even if they help ashwalkers

bro, if he’s helping the ashwalkers, that’s self antag and you ahelp it. lavadoctors aint autovalids

i know but self antag make u da valid and he ran at me with a stunprod bruh!!

I remember this round too. They probably had the stun rod because ya know, you were literally killing him and everyone near the walker base

so me killing ash liggers (literally no rights and are supposed to be hostile) makes it ok for the doctor to help da antag??

Given their flavor text they are kinda supposed to help everyone on lavaland, and if you got your ass kicked by the ash walkers they would have probably helped you

Also calling ashwalkers antags is kinda false, they are not antags but they are valid to kill and valid to have them kill you

They’re literally da antags of lavaland bro and they’re supposed to be hostile it’s in their flavor text and on the wiki

They are antags but at the same time not antags, otherwise they would probably be on the round end screen, and ghost roles can be on round end screen as shown by hotel staff

bro you do know antags doesn’t have to mean mechanically antags why are you arguing with me anyway?

Cause your saying the doctor was valid for helping them. The doctor would be valid only if he tried attacking you, and if I recall correctly, you just annihilated them with heiro staff before they could even do shit to you or attempt to talk

ok so you’re going out of your way to not read what I wrote and harass me on my ban appeal lol

council ruling literally saying ash ■■■■■■s are antags and are valid by default
bruh, kinda ■■■■■■ed bro… unban muh blackie

I also recall that you attacked the doctor previously anyways when he was in the base for shelter from the storm, so either way you still attacked him before he came towards you with a stun prod

Such an invalid argument when I was just going for ash walkers and Hierophant is AOE yawn seems like you’re mad that I interrupted your ligger time?

Maybe you shouldnt have used the AoE weapon when there was clearly a not ash walker in there when theres no chance of him even being able to leave due to the ash storm

Also in general you seem like the sort of person who shouldnt even be on MRP, and this was on MRP if I recall correctly

ah so you’re saying you’re on my ban appeal because you don’t want me on MRP how very not grudgey lol

Its not really grudgey, based on literally the events of that round, you seem the type of person who came to MRP without the intention of actually playing it like MRP. Also you ignored my previous message too