Deputy of round 16380 Player Report

In-game report:

   CKEY: J0s4U8

   Your Discord: J0s4U8 #8806

   Offender’s CKEY:[ idk]

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: [cant rember after hard restart]

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 25/05/2020

   Round Number:16380

   Rules Broken: powergaming

Incident Description: the warden sent down the aux base with the deputy and the curator on when I went down to attempt to save them the deputy accuses me that I attempted to kill him he started hitting me with his stun baton and KA I said I didn’t do it and then instead of cuffing me and taking me back to the station he harmbatons me and then throws me into lava

   Additional Information:

sec should not have a harm option on their guns unless the HoS authorizes it via his console (I might make a suggestion l8r) thanks for reading

fukken gefrers use exetingushsers to harm and killl peple
let's maek them deal 0.01 damgae unless it is ared al ert

A slightly off topic question to whatever admin will find this comment first: do client saved logs save you any time or work or you just disregard them in favor of server saved logs?

the server was hard reset the on the same round

When a player gives their own logs on things it generally shows that they are pretty confident in their report. It also gives me a reference for things to check for. That said though, I never rely on it and always pull the logs anyway for two main reasons.

First, client logs are one sided through what is actually shown. Due to just the limited stuff shown to a player mob, but also things that happen outside of your characters area. Second, while not assuming people are lying is important, I also don’t trust anyone at their word when issues arise. Some people may leave things out subconsciously or intentionally to enforce their side of things.

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attack logs

[2020-05-25 17:31:55.203] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has stunned J0s4U8/(Joshua) (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (95, 43, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:31:57.259] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has stunned J0s4U8/(Joshua) (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (95, 45, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:03.029] ATTACK: J0s4U8/(Joshua) has thrown the marker beacon (Lavaland Wastes (96, 40, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:06.005] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has stunned J0s4U8/(Joshua) (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (97, 41, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:13.029] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has stunned J0s4U8/(Joshua) (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (87, 41, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:14.746] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has grabbed J0s4U8/(Joshua) passive grab (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (87, 41, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:22.103] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has stunned J0s4U8/(Joshua) (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (86, 36, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:36.299] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has grabbed J0s4U8/(Joshua) aggressive grab (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (77, 36, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:38.276] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has thrown J0s4U8/(Joshua) grab from tile in Lavaland Wastes (75, 36, 5) towards tile at Lavaland Wastes (76, 32, 5) (NEWHP: 100) (Lavaland Wastes (75, 36, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:33:14.395] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has shot J0s4U8/(Joshua) with the kinetic force (NEWHP: -49.2) (Lavaland Wastes (72, 40, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:33:16.450] ATTACK: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) has shot J0s4U8/(Joshua) with the kinetic force (NEWHP: -69.2) (Lavaland Wastes (72, 39, 5))

say logs, before and after the base was launched by the Warden

[2020-05-25 17:25:54.496] SAY: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) “Mind if we search you,” (Auxillary Base (48, 153, 2))
[2020-05-25 17:25:56.855] SAY: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) “Just in case?” (Auxillary Base (48, 153, 2))
[2020-05-25 17:26:17.954] SAY: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) “Comply and I’ll be out of here in less than a minute” (Auxillary Base (48, 153, 2))
[2020-05-25 17:26:19.941] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “okay just need to grab that extractor then we are set” (Auxillary Base (47, 153, 2))
[2020-05-25 17:26:25.309] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “OR NOT” (Auxiliary Base Construction (47, 149, 2))
[2020-05-25 17:26:30.006] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “warden” (Arrival Shuttle Hallway (54, 140, 2))
[2020-05-25 17:26:31.579] EMOTE: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) screams! (Auxillary Base (80, 56, 12))
[2020-05-25 17:26:35.442] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “why did you do that?” (Arrival Shuttle Hallway (54, 137, 2))
[2020-05-25 17:26:41.359] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “we wasnt finished” (Arrival Shuttle Hallway (54, 137, 2))

[2020-05-25 17:31:46.367] SAY: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) “AH FUCK” (Lavaland Wastes (96, 43, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:31:49.783] SAY: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) “YOU AGAIN” (Lavaland Wastes (96, 43, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:31:54.821] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “wheres the other guy?” (Lavaland Wastes (94, 44, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:31:55.201] EMOTE: J0s4U8/(Joshua) screams! (Lavaland Wastes (94, 44, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:31:56.923] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “OW” (Lavaland Wastes (94, 46, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:10.810] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “SROP” (Lavaland Wastes (88, 40, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:13.847] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “STOP” (Lavaland Wastes (86, 40, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:15.317] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “WHY” (Lavaland Wastes (86, 40, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:21.180] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “WHY!!!?!!!” (Lavaland Wastes (86, 38, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:26.291] SAY: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) “Your friend” (Lavaland Wastes (85, 35, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:27.159] SAY: J0s4U8/(Joshua) “FUCKING STOP!!!” (Lavaland Wastes (85, 35, 5))
[2020-05-25 17:32:31.281] SAY: Malgover/(Judge Dredd) “Tried to fucking kill me” (Lavaland Wastes (82, 35, 5))

bwoink in progress as server crashed

[2020-05-25 17:33:26.336] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: PowerfulBacon/(Burnard Silkwind)->Malgover/(Judge Dredd): Why'd you kill josh?
[2020-05-25 17:33:44.850] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Malgover/(Judge Dredd)->PowerfulBacon/(J.O.N.A.T.H.O.N): gimme a sec
[2020-05-25 17:35:50.509] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Malgover/(Judge Dredd)->PowerfulBacon/(J.O.N.A.T.H.O.N): was building aux base with a cultist who tried to kill me. When I asked Joshua and the cultist curator they ran away. Joshua launched the base and I ended up getting stuck in it with the cultist
[2020-05-25 17:37:35.452] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Malgover/(Judge Dredd)->PowerfulBacon/(J.O.N.A.T.H.O.N): Sorry, let me reiterate. Warden said Aux base had cultists. I went to investigate and asked to search Joshua and the curator after we found runes in the library. Joshua launched the aux base so I ended up getting stuck on lavaland with the curator who attempted to kill me. I use bluespace crystals to teleport away from the base and run into Joshua. So I stun him and realise I don't have cuffs and end up throwing him in the lava instead

As seen by the shots after Josh was in crit, the officer didn’t have any intention of recovering the body. Josh couldn’t have been the one to launch the base from where he was, but it’s possible this was mistaken anyway.

Regardless of the potential mistake - throwing someone you suspect into lava is not cool, especially when they are making no effort to fight back while you spend 30 seconds trying to stun them. Finishing off the execution on the spot only makes this worse, and even moreso when you leave them there (which was done before the bwoink occurred - a cultist had time to show up and strip Josh before the server crashed)

Report Accepted and Confirmed.