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As a doctor is you how have to make thing interesting. You can take multiple roles and do some genetic and chemistry.
Offer people weird surgery procedure and revive them in creative ways.
Explore maintenance and pick interesting thing such skeleton and weird organs and ling victims

Then you’re not a doctor. the only interesting part of medbay is chemistry, and even then, if you don’t plan on blowing up the station it’s gonna be shit because why bother making 95% of healing chems when you can just make 40 u synth patches

not many “weird” surgery procedures ie : the experimental one, they take a hella long time for the benefits they bring.

Reviving in a creative way will solely achieve the goal of getting people to yell at you since you spent 20 minutes reviving them with a stun batong for revival surgery. people surprisingly don’t care about that sort of stuff, and just want you to heal them

right, so “validhunting” as a med to find antag targets. anything else is extremely boring past the first time you found them.

just get felinid mutation toxin

Really, all of medbay is trivialized by chemistry and xenobiology. There is near to no point in going to medbay if you’re not dead. You can literally heal all sorts of damage outside of medbay except for toxin damage which is a rare type of damage, and clone which is even rarer.

Hence, medbay is fucking boring. If you wanna experiment with shit, do science. if you wanna heal people, do chemistry and spam the same chemicals, or do xenobiology/botany. if you wanna validhunt for victims or valids themselves, go security.

Yes everything can be done faster and easier in some other way, but you don’t see the people refusing to play chef because xenobio is more optimal to feed the crew

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Another pure soul lost to the ruinous powers of xeno. Can we just delete xenobiology already?



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Only picked medical because I love chemistry.
Otherwise science and service tie it up for me.

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