Department Poll

Probably been done before, but I want to see what the bee community’s favorite department is.

  • Medical
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Security
  • Command
  • Cargo
  • Service

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Service is getting done dirty. Where’s all our ever-faithful Clown, Mime and Janny mains?


They are here, the copious catgirls simply have more forum presence and always vote on these types of polls, skewing the results to Science and Medbay.

Gamers rise up.


Definitely medical. It’s just rewarding when someone is glad that you saved them after anyone else would just give up on them and throw them in a cloner


I literally do the same but I am in sci departament currently fucking the bugged exploration system

I have a similar reason for liking cargo, as a miner I effectively allow the station to build and create about anything with mining. Also fun to see medbay, botany, and occasionally the chef enjoy the gifts of plants and loot that help them do their job.

Morph temple has a knife that spawns about a dozen cows, gave this to a chef once which made him happy enough that he decided not to kill me (he was a antag and I was his target)

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Service, hands down for me. It’s the job I get to put the most of myself into.

Sleepy Moff the mime is a lotta fun as a psychological experiment as everyone reacts different to them. Even antags.


Clown pranks are great for when I’m feeling creative, but I need a plan beforehand. 10/10 role when I get to be Grod clown.

Gimmick Chef. Rat Burger, home of the Rat Burger. So stupid yet so successful.

And janitor maid because sometimes I wanna turn off my brain and soap bar the station clean. :soap:


I use to turn surgery into a felinid conversión clínic and have asistants anty-felinid activist denouce me.
I did not have many wiling patients so I use dead people and non crew.

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Calm down there, Satan


Where’s the civilian department?
How am I supposed to vote on the maint boys now

god bless cargonia, land of stolen things

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You can’t stand in the way of progress

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Clown here reporting for duty


Jannie main dropping in.


Looks like it went from medical to engineer gaming

And science

Nothing for silicons?

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Sillycones arent a real department. just like QM is not a real head.


Correct but I still feel that it would fall within the scope of this poll.

me when i play medical and instantly die of boredom because nothing ever happens, healing people is uninteresting as shit 80% of the time (chem spam or epic cloner moment) and 99% of the time people dont give a shit because they just grab a medkit and heal themselves of nearly all damage in a matter of picoseconds while never seeing medbay in their entire shift


Whoops, completely forgot.

Don’t think it would change the results too much, and don’t know if editing the poll would delete the current votes so I guess silicon players can choose their 2nd favorite