Department leads (other than HoP/CMO) should get pet beacons instead of pets

Pet Beacons, or Pets?
  • Pet beacons are an obvious must-have
  • No, please, I LOVE Paperwork and Citrus!

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Every department lead who currently has a pet should get a beacon instead. CMO needs Runtime for the funny haha coder jokes and Ian is a must for the HoP, but QM should get a choice of a real pet besides that dumb sloth and HoS definitely deserves a choice considering they don’t even have a consistent pet between maps.

Not sure what to do about some of the miscellaneous pets like wags-his-tail. I’m not sure a janitor deserves a pet beacon. Then again, they do get a round-start tablet and Captain fucking doesn’t so there’s that.

Edit: I forgot Poly exists.

RD doesn’t get a pet, and HoP has multiple pets depending on how you look at it. Maybe the Janitor DOES deserve a pet beacon. And the clown.

RD has lamaar

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Technically RD also gets that dumb pug in the experimentation room.

I guess this boils down to “do the QM and Janitor get a pet beacon?”

The Janitor’s pet is based and precious, I did not read what you said because I am tired, but yes sure bro


I just wanna see someone other than the fucking psychiatrist get a pet beacon tbh

This is so incredibly easy to add but I don’t feel like it.

It’s easy to add a lot of things but whether people will respond positively to it or screech indefinitely about it is impossible to gauge

Just make pets randomized. Ian too.

QM is not a head of staff.

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Frank would like a word with you.

On deltastation, the QM gets a budget card, door remote, hardsuit, cloak, and pet
the QM is a fucking head of staff


post irrelevant, opinion discarded

The Head of Personnel is the head of cargo, not the QM.

HOP gets the service budget, QM gets the cargo budget

HoP has cargo access but is head of service.

QM is head of cargo.

It doesn’t matter what you think, the Head of Personnel is mechanically the head of cargo.

I understand, Belone, and I thank you for your time.

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RD has all the slimes in xenobio.

From my knowledge the Quartermaster is called that as they are the master of that quarter so that indeed would make them a head of staff especially as there job is literally to control the crew working for cargo, also I full on agree to each department lead getting pet beacons INCLUDING HoP and CMO not everyone wants ian or runtime personally if I played hop (done it once or twice) I would prefer a pug over Ian the cap can have Ian if they went hell cap SHOULD have Ian especially as killing Ian makes a person valid.

Actually the term “quartermaster” comes from them being the “master” of providing quarters, rations, supplies ect. So they’d be the person in charge of cargo, as well as the direct person for quarters and rations and what nots.