Department heads should have cuffs

Sometimes a head will have to apprehend someone in their department, either because of the lack of available security or because of being somewhere restricted that the assigned security officer can not access.

Heads not having cuffs pretty much forces them to use lethals, even when a nonlethal approach would be preferable RP and/or gameplay wise.

Cablecuffs exist + encouraging hopcurity is cringe.


They aren’t really intended to be performing arrests under normal circumstances, giving them cuffs doesn’t really make any sense because of that. If you need cuffs go grab (or make) some.


Has the security draught really come to this point? If you feel there aren’t enough people to apprehend criminals then play sec.


Dynameme would like to have a word with you.

everyone keeps shitting on dynamic because “no one wants to play sec anymore” but that’s not at all because of dynamic that sec is untouched, we’ve always had this problem of either having shitsec or just nobody, it’s wild that suddenly everyone seems to have found a new “reason” to explain that


Oh yeah the HoP doesn’t need one, but I’d argue the others do.

It actually used to be worse, now at least dynamic scales with the amount of secoffs.


The reputation stuck around, also we rolled wiz when we got an blood brother det and only one secoff on dynameme recently
And the icing on the cake a blob hit after wizard murderboned everyone

But eh, unless the shitter you’re trying to kick out is on anti-stun drugs, what’s stopping you from swiping their legs with the baton → stamcritting them with the PTSD → dragging them out of the department while flashing them?
Heads are within their full rights to kick out dissidents out of their respective departments.

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or you could bet cablecuffs or ask for zipties from sec, I really dont see why they should start with cuffs

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Aren’t the Captain and HoP locker STOCKED with zip ties?

I know the captain’s locker is, I’ve played too much captain lately.
I THINK the HoP’s has zip ties too.

They only have a pair each I’m pretty sure, HoP at least.

yeah, enough to detain one unruly clown trespasser or miscreant.

if you need more, you in reality don’t need more and infact need SEC

If you’re fulfilling the job of HoS as captain, or have been pressed inti SEC duty as the HoP cause no HoS and no Captain. THEN YEAH, GO TO SEC TO GET PREPPED.

Double checked, cap and hop get a pair, warden gets a full box of zipties in their locker.

just lethal them lol

Department heads should have fuzzy cuffs for Roleplay Purposes.


Finally, sensible ideas ! Working on that rn.

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