Dedicated Traitor role selections

So here’s something, I like being really fuggin sneaky while I’m a tator.
I like taking the time out of my day to read the maps and plan out what I’m going to do with NOBODY KNOWING what the hell I did and where I went.

I really like stealing shit as a tator.

HOWEVER, it is not always the case a tator gets the actual GOAL to steal shit. Now I find the entire murderbone arsenal of the syndicate as interesting as the next guy, but I’m not really one in the game to RED TEXT ™ people out of the round.

There are specific pieces of kit in the Syndicate arsenal that are EXPLICITLY and SOLEY for subterfuge and the like, but when was the last time you actually SAW someone use a camera bug, or an EMP flashlight or chameleon combat gloves or a briefcase lauchpad in the post round report? I can’t say I have 100% knowledge but I haven’t seen it that often.

thusly, what I propose is simple, rather than a generalized “Be Traitor” button in the character preferences menus, instead have or add two distinct “Be Syndicate thief” or “Be Syndicate assassin” who are deployed SPECIFICALLY JUST to steal or kill people.

Now this alone would be great in my eyes, but to mix things up a little Modifications to the “TRAITORS” game type that prioritizes a mix of at least 1 of both distinct traitor types, which would tie in well with the second proposition to this idea, Assassins and thieves have modified Uplinks, with differing access and costs of materiel akin to Nuke ops. (Eg: Nuke ops can buy dark gygax, cyborgs, reinforcements, a variety of guns, but Not Chameleon suits)

A thief thusly can purchase all of the subterfuge equipment useful for stealing (Eg: briefcase Launchpad, chameleon projector, chameleon kit) but not Combat focused Items (Eg: the E-bow, Gamma-bow sleeping carp/karate scrolls, E-blades). The specialized equipment is sold for a minor discount and the discounted items section is removed. An assassin would be the similar, with the inverse of item purchases available, Combat focused items are sold at a minor discount while various items particular to theft are not sold at all.

Anyhow, this concludes my bi-monthly contribution to the Suggestions section.


I have been thinking about a re-work idea. Where the uplink is more like a contractor. But you get a list of mission to choose from, some theft, some kill etc. Then use the contractor beacon to send the item/corpse to Base. When you complete missions you unlock more. Every mission has a “difficulty” rating. Getting a high enough difficulty score maybe unlocks the option to choose a murderbone mission. This is just a vague idea right now and would need a lot of work before it could even be considered being coded.

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How will this be compatible with gimmick objectives?

this doesn’t sound like much of an issue really, gimmick objectives can easily be RP’d by tators with items on station and various items in the “pointless bad assery” catagory.

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