Decriminalised heresy

Soo, what do people think of the new state of affairs?

I find it really fun being able to openly be a heretic and not get the entirety of sec after me for it, but it’s also a really weird vibe when the seccies stare at you and your valid signifying robe, filled with bloodlust, without actually being able to do anything about it.

Yeah one of the big reasons for heretics being EOTC before was them having the ability to escape permabrig at will, with either of the jaunt spells.
Now heretics require a clothing item in order to use spells, meaning they’re much easier to contain.

The fun bit is that it seems that if you don’t break any laws, and do all your magic in the chapel, you can be a straight up heretic that isn’t a criminal.

I mean, what is sec going to do, charge you for poor fashion sense?

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Heretics being treated as an actual religious thing instead of le instant valid is fantastic.


When did this happen? where is the update on the wiki?


when did this happen


where is it

Space Law page

Also sadly killed off heretics viability mostly, in the past it was the weakest antag that could cheese it but now even cheese is gone

You could not have even connected to play the new heretics, neither did you play as the old heretic here.
So please, leave your meaningless baseless comments out of this thread.


Viability?? You’re talking about an antag as if it were a competitive league of legends character.

Lmao, Heretic is in a much healthier state than it was in now for THIS SERVER.

Also more interest.

Removing RR from both the victims and the Heretic themselves was an absolutely great idea for the game.

Now it’s more inline with what it’s supposed to be instead of a murderbone simulator.


That is was quite normal during high-pop games pre-patch. Had several heretics preform multiple sacrifices in public in front of everyone without a single command or sec daring to raise a finger. It’s ridiculous!! Not fun when the station entirely gives up. :confused:

But I haven’t played in a few weeks now so… take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

I kinda liked the high stake nature of heretics. Basically, become a demi-God or die!! Although, I never properly learnt it to efficiently play heretic and basically just killed people who I couldn’t sacrifice, because… Heretics is shite for new players. xd

As long as the chaplain is okay with your… literal heresy :wink:

Simply replace the chaplain!


That however translates to “kill everyone or die” which although in theory it sounds appealing is not healthy.

Replace? Replace whom?

I have always been the chaplain. This has always been a Church consecrated to the ̸̧̛̛̺͙̠͉̗̝̀́͛̔̚D̸̛͖̝̭̯̖̠̤̙̽̎̂̒̈̽̈́͂̂̕̚͜r̶̗̹̪͖̱̼͉̺̳͐̆̓̾̈̎͗̅é̶̡̢̛̯͇̳̪͉͉̒̆̊̀̾̒̕a̵̧̼̰̠̙̱̹̠̐̀̀̽̊̃͛̊̃̀̚͠ḋ̴̢̛̻͓̱̥͎̤͋̏̃̎́͜͠͝ͅ ̷̧̧̫̙̺̿̌̉̌̾̒̃̏͘G̶̢̛͈̰͕̫̀̅́́̇̉̏̀̅̇͝͠ǫ̶̟͈̥̺̙͚̘͙̠̒̈͊̐̓̆͗̀͑̾̓̈́͘͘͝d̷͉͚̗̯̖̙̻͕͑̑̐̇s̵̢̧̡̢̞͕̳̮̠̲̯̞͙̘͇̀̉̓̓̎.̶̡̡̧̺̰̤̰̲̮̦͊̕͠


Fair, almost like you should encourage antags to be more stealthy and not go guns blazing 24/7!

Depends, super stealth antags are detrimental to the round and not fun, they don’t affect the round and if they do is minimal, they’re supposed to antagonize and make the round interesting, obviously random d-esword + glue in the hallways is not the way to go either

As long as they make an effort in antagonizing and roleplaying they’re good

Being stealthy doesn’t meam appearing out of thin air and instant gibbing their targets. It ain’t that easy. Especially if Command does their job and keep track on their employees as they should.

Space law says that, but the seccies still have that neuron activation from the rune. Just had a round where they were obsessed with searching me even though what I was doing was legal

Yeah, as if :^)
Silently RRd and no one questions it because its incredibly hard to keep tabs on others…
Theres no joy in being a victim to that… glad one of the worst offenders is removed.