Debtors, magicians and other lame powergaming roles

nobody fucking plays these roles to actually do their Gimmick. Debtors just go dunk on everyone with their inhuman strength, magicians steal shit, and barbers are just assistants because unlike the other gimmick roles they dont get gamer loot. lame

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i wrote this after a debtor killed me with one punch by the way. Despite me having a revolver, a power fist, and a fucking esword he just punched me once barely managing to not get hit by the second bullet, sending me flying into the wall, after which he just beat me to death with his fucking hulk punches, me not being able to do anything.


Yeah TBH when I played physciatrist all I did was screw around and dress up as the owl (LRP)

Still want a pet shop role where you breed and sell corgis instead of power game :angry:


I can already hear people crying over dead dogs on MRP
LRP the chef will enslave the dog breeder.


when I played psychiatrist I kidnapped people so I could force feed them happiness


ok developer i wonder who could make that happen


barbers are just assistants

ITT roundstart chainsaw and a switchblade (barber’s blade) are not powergaming items.

Well, i mean: debtor gets makeshift hulk UNOBTAINABLE ROUNDSTART, magician gets a UNIQUE set of abilities and barber gets a cooler version of saw and scalpel…

Debtor’s roundstart martial art is pure rng by the way

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debtor martial art is the only real issue honestly. Should have more downsides.

who would win?
-a hobo hulk
-say “HoP”


its literally bathsalt martial art wihout stun immunity.

I can hear zeskos heavy breathing

Zesko coded this garbage anyway meme roles don’t do much beside tide

Actually it isn’t completely broken when you look about it, you literally have a chance to do the cry emote and get stunned instead of attacking, but then again it is all rng.

Who would win:

  • paranoic fears brought upon you vy a tinfoil hat
  • “yo bro get my hat off pls”
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haha, yeah, if the debtor indeed is there to powergame, he can just do that. imo, debtors should have their hat glued to them permanently.