Deadstation Feedback Thread

Feedback on Deadstation goes here.

I just saw it as a ghost. It is too small and very unsatisfying. Second, why in all that is good there is a wand of death in there? Is this like metaknowledge loot ban bait being put in there?

Third, I really hate the multi layer maps it is just too painful to play with and go around the station with it. Would be nice if it was just one layer.

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Didn’t get the chance to play it yet, so went to look up the webmap only to find there is non!
So here are the steps to see it:

go to:
Set the repository to: Vasily2013/BeeStation-Hornet/
Set the branch to Deadstation
Then; File > Open > _Maps > Map_files > Deadstation > open 1 and 2 (different z levels)
Disable the area overlay by clicking the eyeball on the area tab with the red X icon
Middle mouse button to pan around.

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lots of screenshots, lots of feedback and space hog

stairs in cryo dont work
I dont think we need a public acess gibber
needs a second windoor(hop office)
here as well, brig
more paperbins like medical, library, security,hop office, captain office, bridge

glitcy bar table, probably the firelocks

I think the kitchen does not spawn with donk pockets
no acess restrictions, a tider can open it

couldnt find clown theater, couldnt find eva, couldnt find service lathe.

xeno vines cover the floor, if theres is no floor it just drops you down, not very gamer

Observed a round on deadstation. Screenshotted a lot, here’s a compilation of those.

Minor problems

Maints doors are blocked by tables here.

Security maintenance is spelt “mantinence”

Chapel benches look weird.

The space south of bridge is awkwardly placed.

Locker is stuck behind a table.

This room is inaccessible.

AI upload is hidden behind up to three reinforced walls. This is absurd especially considering the AI chamber itself only has a single exterior wall.

There is this huge field of floor in northeast space. I know it’s the station below, but this still looks pretty weird.

Major problems

Chemistry has a ridiculously huge chem factory room. This is both outdated and just supports autism forting, which this map is supposed to avoid right?

Ever tried speaking with an officer while knocking outside brig? It’s gonna be impossible here, since 6 tiles are seperating brig and the halls.

Viro maints is literally just a 1 tile wide line snaking around it. Like just add windows instead, jesus christ.

I don’t like how the library, a department that relies on foot traffic, is so isolated from the rest of the station.

Same applies to the law office. It also has a fairly strange layout that requires you to get used to.

I’m gonna be honest: I like how service is designed. The only part of this station that is actually good for deadpop. But imagine being an antag here: You don’t have maints or any other room to hide in. Where would you even use your uplink?

The detectives office, for some inexplicable reason, is hidden on a different z level behind suit storage. Shouldn’t this job be encouraged to work with civilians more?

Tech storage is located in some obscure part of maintenance, with a room incorrectly spawning in front of it.

I know maintenance is supposed to have a weird layout, but what even is this? Empty rooms like that in the bottom are everywhere on the map.

Xenobio is more autism forty than on any other map. There are no windows and it’s on a different z level than most of the station.

This sauna (or wellness area?) is way too large for lowpop, and with how it’s tucked away in maints I can absolutely guarantee you no one will use this in the first place. You can even see how a dead body is hidden here.

TLDR: This map just isn’t good right now. It has problems common with multi z maps (too big, too confusing, etc) but those are especially apparent when keeping in mind no more than like 30 players are supposed to play here. Like for god’s sake, it’s larger than kilo! Maybe after enough polishing this could be good, but I expected more.


Fun station for Low pop IMO needs some work To feel less… Meme like? I love the AI Core Design

for the love of God… AI NEEDS CAMERAS.

Could Do with a camera infront of the command door and maybe one more in maint.

No camera in dets office had to use a shell to see it
DEts office

Eva could use one to.

Only rooms in science that has cameras is Xenobio and RD’s office.
No cameras in dorms.
Also, No camera in any Command members bedroom.

Love to see this station More!

As always, I’m sorry for the poor comma’s and periods as usual i’m bad with them.

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One thing that I noticed:
I think that the Toxins test area is too far away.
I watched a poor scientist make a nice bomb only for it to not be registered.

I spawned another set of canisters in for them to do it again and I made another indestructible wall a little closer to the tachyon detector, but it still failed to register the explosion.

I think the direction the tachyon detector is pointing matters, It’s likely pointing the wrong way

It does, but I checked that too.

Yay for more lowpop stations.

Things that need fixing:

The airlocks to the exploration shuttle did not have exploration access.

There were no cyborg/mech charging stations in robotics

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I absolutely hate how one of SM’s walls is a maintenance wall.

I really don’t like the weirdness with the walls having random gaps or double thick sections all about, or just straight up closed off spaces that could be good to actually use. The layer with the AI core has a lot of those.

From a ticket I had yesterday:
Explorers seem to not have access to their own shuttle’s airlocks.

Also a post in this thread 21 days ago :laughing:

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Could you send a map?

Seems to be some issues with the escape shuttle lining up with the airlocks:

Screenshot 2023-02-09 193815

Very minor QoL gripe:

The surgery duffel bag in robotics is under a bunch of MMIs and is not visible.

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