Deadly Sins and You!

I have been thinking and realized that my characters tend to fit with a certain deadly sin for example GRUN (all variants) are extremely prideful. So I got curious as to what sins other people’s characters fall into.

The task at hand is simple. Vote for which sin best fits your character and perhaps tell us why.

  • Pride
  • Lust
  • Greed
  • Envy
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Gluttony
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Also for all you goody two shoes out there you may also vote on the seven virtues if you wish.

  • Purity
  • Temperance
  • Charity
  • Diligence
  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Humility
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totally not doing this see who gets purged in the next great space crusade


VIEW(s) wants to experience happy thoughts at all times and constantly have fun, they want to try out every new game and listen to every music and show and Kids Toy TV AD and all that, but they also quite like spreading that to others, so Greed and Kindness, or perhaps Charity?

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I voted Greed and Charity for Anxiety. (This feels like self gloating oh gosh.) She’s always extremely greedy for patients when others are working on them, so I guess it fits. On the other hand, I’d say she’s really charitable in the sense that she often will give her money out, will spend an entire shift working on one patient if she has to, and will give without thought on most ocassions (unless it’s an odd request. CMO’s gotta watch her back.) This might also fall under kindness, not sure.

If I had to give traits for Andromeda, I’d definitely go with either Greed or Wrath for sins and patience for virtue. She hoards everything she has or cares about due to not having the best childhood but she also, when tipped to any anger at all, has unending levels of wrath. The patience virtue comes in here with the whole good luck getting her to the point of anger because she’s honestly unflinching with how much patience she has.


Greed, no quicker way to get me to go along with a gimmick or go to your characters side than to offer a fitting bribe or some sort of thing that I really want, like offering me alien research as a scientist or a pile of cash as cargo.

I’d put Orin with Pride and Kindness. Antag Orin is pretty much an idiot on a power trip to a fault, being a theatrical supervillain (at least until security arrives). Non-antag Orin is still somewhat prideful in herself and her abilities and feeling confident she can fix anything as a doctor.

At her core it stems from a desire to be helpful and kind. She cares a lot about her friends and is openly friendly to strangers. She’d have tea with a changeling so long as they promise not to eat her.


Silent Sentiment is very much wrathful. You wrong him and he will remember it and will on the first oppertunity to do so give you a black eye. Wrong him greatly and the beating will commence despite the lack of a good oppertunity to carry it out properly.

Do something he finds disagreeable and you will know in the form of a physical rebuttal. You will not find it plesant unless you enjoy being tabled and disposaled.

When he is an antagonist and you wrong him well… you will propably die and be left to rot where you stood. It does not matter how small the slight or wrong is since it will be responded to eventually.

Now despite being Wrathful he is also diligent in his work which might seen weird untill you realise how well put together he is. You will rarely find him in a conundrum without a solution even if the solution is not optimal. Diligent work and preparation make up for piss poor planning (none since its all situational).

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I feel by your description envy would be more accurate. While greed, lust, and envy are all forms of desire envy is characterized as a desire for something that another has that you dont. While lust is intense desire on its own and greed is the desire for having then you need usually in reference to material wealth.

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I find it interesting that no one has picked gluttony mostly due to the fact I wrote one of my characters to be almost gluttony personafied


There’s an entire quirk around it too - Gluttony is the most underated sin.


Dustin is very greedy. Being based on the wild west which most stories revolve around money makes the detective in poncho very susceptible to the ocassional VIP bribe. As an assistant, I once stood an entire round trying to crack two cases with money inside open with a stethoscope while the QM and some other dude were chillaxing in LOOC talking about ss13 experiences behind me! and I was an incursion member!. The second case didn’t crack, and I used c4, and after seeing it didn’t work, I kept going and cracked it at round end, only to syndicate bomb all of it to hell when I got on shuttle out of anger.

Before that, an excommunicated syndicate member also came to me to ask me which were my teammates. I asked him to give me more than what the syndicate would pay me, and after the payment I lied to him. He realized, I shit my pants, and told him the truth, and got away with 6000 credits that shift.

This is also why I ocassionally do cargo bounties in my free time, in order to get a percent of it.

If only money had more value in spess.

Now diligence I don’t think I got to explain. Dustin works very hard on his job and it’s kinda part of his pride, being told that he’s bad at it would make him second guess himself. He’ll always go to the end of any thread he gets and find out the truth.


Sparky is quite prideful, especially for an IPC. They take a great deal of care and focus in their work, and an insult to it is an insult to them. They also have it in their robotic torso that xenobiology can solve any problem and that, if it’s available, other avenues aren’t even worth considering.

However, their virtue of kindness is equally expressed. As prideful as they may be about their methods and their knowledge, they do go out of their way to solve problems and help people, expecting nothing in return. Helping people is its own reward, but if you asked they’d probably just say “it’s something to do.”

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