Davidjdavid banned by WilsonPH

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
“Tiding into departments and powergaming. Had a full toolset, several cuffs and a circular saw as a non-antagonist VIP. Also broke into Science to build an EXPERIMENTOR in the hall instead of asking the scientists in there to help him with the task. DC’d mid-ticket, please explain on the forums.”
Appeal Reason:
I admit I was tiding and powergaming in this case, and I am completely in the wrong for leaving mid-ticket. I was just incredibly frustrated at the time and could not be bothered talking to an admin. I understand this was wrong, but I thought playing as gimmick allowed me to do these things, sort of the same way you tide as an assistant.

I am willing to accept punishment, but I believe a permaban was a bit overkill, although I do understand given I left during the ticket. I promise this won’t happen again.
Additional Information:
Nothing really else to add here.

Yeah that’s the standart procedure, if you disconnect mid-ticket you get slapped with a ‘perma, explain on the forums’. I waited till the round ended just in case your internet died or something but you never came back.
And don’t worry this isn’t an actual permaban.

Hello, sorry for the late response on this appeal. As Wilson already said this was only a permanent ban due to you having disconnected mid ticket.

R2 applies to all jobs, although some vary in their gear of course. Gimmick roles aren’t an exception.

Tiding isn’t allowed either, not as an assistant, not as a gimmick role, not in general.
Do not tide into staffed departments just because you’re too lazy to try and interact with the people working there. Give them a chance to do their job at the very least.

You already have a couple of recent notes involving similar behavior, expect future cases to be met with escalating punishment.

As for this ban I’ve gone ahead and lifted it.