.David mute appeal

Discord ID: .David#3060

Admin Discord ID: Caecilius

Ban Type: Mute.

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 29.12.2020

Ban Reason: no client crashing videos, please.

**Appeal Reason:**Admittedly this is solely my fault, I shouldn’t have posted that video, I sincerely apologize for that and it won’t happen again, for I have no malicious intentions towards this server, it was purely a joke but a bad one at that.

Additional Information:

I’m good with this personally, but I’ll wait for a secondary opinion. You have quite the spotty history with us, but it does seem like you’ve made a positive course correction.

Most recent warning is from Cae so I will assign him.

I’ll be willing to give you another chance.