Data Player Report


Your Discord:blazikenowen

Offender’s CKEY:unknown

LRP or MRP server:MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name:Data

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Don’t remember was last time I was on sage maybe the time before it

Round Number: Don’t remember

Rules Broken: Don’t be a dick ignoring AI laws

Incident Description: As AI blatently ignored law 2 and law 1 making the claim that banning salt in food takes up “processing power” so the law 2 order will be ignored because it “doesn’t harm crew” when there was a oozeling crew member called Yellow Slimica and it was even pointed out salt is lethal to oozelings, then data claimed that they didn’t know “how laws worked” law 2 states to obey any order unless it conflicts with law 1 which states to not allow human/crew harm (depending on asimov/crewsimov) to blatently ignore both laws when not malf or subverted in sage breaks sage rules of a AI to my knowledge, especially when law 1 tells them to prevent crew harm and they ignore a order to ban something that is lethal to a crew member from being in food. To make things worse the chef had made food with salt in while knowing about the oozeling crew member and while I don’t blame the chef I can blame the Ai for ignoring the safety of crew and its own laws.

Additional Information: The fact that they claim that yellow slimica doesn’t know how Ai laws work while blatently ignoring the fact slimes and oozelings die to salt and disregarding a law 2 order to prevent food being lethal to said slime/oozeling crew shows that not only do they not know how to act as a Ai in sage but like to disregard players rp, had a issue the round before the blatent salt being lethal ignoring where they ignored rp of the same crew mate being lactose intolerant and margherita pizza hurting them (rp wise) but it being fine if it has toppings and said crew ordering a ban on margherita pizza, its just a blatent rp disregard and gave the same reasoning as why they ignored a order to ban salt from food, because making sure crew don’t die or get harmed really takes up “processing power” something there own laws state they should do.

So this entire report is based on a misconception?

Salt is not deadly to oozelings nor slimepeople.


This report lacks crucial information: round ID or even a day making it hard to verificate and process the report.

Most importantly, no, salt does not hurt oozelings. It hurts squids. But, at the same time, you can’t have an AI ban everything that may be harmful in the future. Many things in the game are as harmful as they are helpful. AI can’t remove all plasma canisters from the station because “it can be harmful in the future if used wrong.”
This only becomes a law 1 situation when the harmful substance is uncontrolled: I.E. Water vapor in the air or salt bombs.

Also, Harm is pretty strictly ruled out to AIs. Harm is anything that can cause death, unconsentual surgeries, or anything that causes the health bar to lower.
If someone wants to create an rp gimmick, then fine. But don’t try to control the entire round around the gimmick. Yellow has the right to not eat milk products. But eating something obviously containing milk, which she claims hurts her, then lay on the ground and screaming harm feels more like a tantrum than actual roleplay.

Data does have the right to ignore a crewmember that is continually annoying, over exaggerating, or threatening imaginary harm. Especially when there are more important things to focus on in the station, atmos, power, door opening, ect.


This infinity. I wish that people remembered that silicon players are humans, can’t be everywhere at
once, what if he had lame PC or internet access and was doin his best? I mean there’s a lot of stuff we just don’t know. Also, was AI on crewsimov or roundstart laws? :thinking:

Its kinda hard to “not eat milk products” when the only thing to eat is margherita pizza because all the vending machines are off and theres only that pizza and the chef won’t make anything also lactose intolerance isn’t “imaginary”

pretty sure it was crewsimov mrp tend to have AI as crewsimov on rare occation it’s asimov

I know sorry about that mentioned the issues in datas mentor app got told to make a report but it was few days back/week back so I don’t remember round ID or day

Ooo! this one is actually about me! I’m Data, ckey: spicycookie314. lots of stuff wrong about this! i don’t want to brag or whatever but i’m a long term ai player and i know my laws and silicon policy like the back of my hand. so here’s the run down- Someone was trying to law request me to do noir voice, and narrate the round and such. I kindly and repeatedly explained to them that there was a life or death situation and that it would take “processing power” that i need to serve my duties as ai, ic reasoning to explain that it would take me conscious effort to narrate things while i’m saving lives, depressurizing, locating, etc. so that’s what the “processing power” thing was about. Then someone ELSE made a claim that pizza was harmful because someone had an allergy, and “so it’s harmful to the whole station” and i should eliminate all pizza from the station. i then explained that you can’t law 2 request me to change my definition of harm. they then claimed that law 2 was to prevent harm… and law 1 was actually to take orders. (meaning i could be ordered to do anything, including kill) so at that point i was at a loss for words… decided to remain ic and tell them “I will now disregard all transmissions that to don’t contain a valid request or pertain to crew harm. good day” and that was it. honestly looking back it was funny.


Salt does not harm oozelings. You are wrong.

This is not up for further discussion, the player report is about the AI refusing to take action when ordered to do so.

All further discussion of salt being harmful to oozelings or not will be deleted, it is not important to the report.

Removed all discussion of this which was clogging the thread. Also removed two on topic but disrespectful posts. (Walnut-brain insults)


This is in silicon policy

  • Obviously unreasonable and obnoxious orders are against the rules and may be ignored.

I believe this is an unreasonable and obnoxious order for the AI to follow.

I also believe it is the responsibility of all races with weaknesses to be mindful of them, not everyone else.

Maliciously going out of your way to harass someone with one of those weaknesses would be bad, but accidentally spraying an oozeling with an extinguisher is not, even if it kills them.

Most importantly, your food probably contained either water or omnizine. Two common reagents in food which will rapidly kill oozelings.

It is completely unreasonable to expect chef to avoid omnizine. Things with water you will learn from experience (Such as Cup Ramen) and aren’t overly common

Oozelings are 100% more likely to die because of being shoved into the cryo tube by medstaff than they are to die of salt. Why? Salt does not harm oozelings or slimes.

Furthermore, checking reagents in food is insanely difficult for an AI, so I agree with Ruko that this falls under the unreasonable order criteria.

Someone close this report, if it doesn’t happen tonight I’ll review it to the best of my ability and do so tomorrow.

It is open largely for gathering opinions on whether or not it was an unreasonable order or not. Since we have the AI player present in the thread, logs arent really necessary for this one.

There was an admin discussion on whether or not this would fall under “an obviously unreasonable or obnoxious order” and the general consensus was that it does. This combined with the fact the report information wasn’t even filled out properly…

Report Rejected

@spicyCookie314 did nothing wrong based on the claims here even if we had the correct info to double check.