Daridine Admin Report.-

CKEY: Shuenwu

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Daridine

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03-23-2022

Round Number: 36886

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Not sure if it breaks anything, I just disagree on the ruling and believe it is way too strict, and would restrict a lot RP in general

Incident Description: Daridine gave me a note for what I think is justifiable behaviour, I attempted to try and reason with Daridine but to no avail which is why I am here.

AI Lawset is on asimov. (crucial information.)

I am walking around arrivals and into maint when I randomly stumble across the Captain in maint with a computer frame, I immediately suspect that its a AI upload hes trying to build due to conversations earlier about how none of the heads are humans, the shift so far has been peaceful so I yell at cap asking if it is a upload, she tells me to “shhhh” and as i try to write out a message cap finishes the upload, I quickly shove the captain and take their screwdriver.

I originally intended to prevent the upload from being finished so that I could talk to captain about what she is changing the laws to and preferably to prevent it depending on the answer but was too late by a millisecond, I quickly run to the other side of maint and disassemble the upload just for it to be too late making it not matter at all in the end.

It was changed to crewsimov which while I hate OOCly ICly I wouldn’t care too much in the long run, however thats when Daridine decides to bwoink me telling me that I am not an antag and that I must follow CoC.

Despite trying to reason with Daridine why I shouldn’t follow CoC mindlessly and that it was an attempt at creating RP with the captain I was quickly shutdown by Daridine after a small bit of back and forth, closing the ticket on me, I really wanted to resolve it on the server so i opened 2 more tickets however they did not get far at all. I dislike writing forum topics as I’ve played on other game servers (not ss13) before where writing a ticket about an admin would end up with the person basically getting a target on their back by admins where they would actively try to look for reasons to get a person in trouble, while I can understand that you’ll tell me thats not the case here here I am generally paranoid about these things.

Additional Information: This doesn’t sit right with me, and frankly makes me think that I must roleplay a drone with no ability to think for one self, The situation of me shoving the cap to take her screwdriver tool, not to run away with it mind you but to take it so that we can talk about why changing the laws would be bad before he actually changes the laws should be justifiable RP.

There was no urgency whatsoever in the situation and I would not have done anything to the captain if there was.

The round is currently ongoing but I’m not sure if that affects staff reports or if its only for player reports.

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Are you actually reporting Daridine for their conduct as game admin or are you trying to appeal your note because you don’t agree with their ruling?


dont you need to make a report if you disagree with an admins ruling? or am I supposed to make an appeal

Edit: Reading through it again I guess it could fall under appeal more than a report, in any case I would like to know if this is the way the server is meant to be played or if Daridine is in the wrong.

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The staff report category is for reporting staff members that broke staff conduct. If you disagree with a ruling and you feel you’ve been treated unfairly but the admin/mod acted within policy, then you should write an appeal and make your arguments there.

We are humans and make mistakes. An admin making an incorrect ruling doesn’t automatically violate staff conduct.

eh alright just close this i’ll just live with the ticket i dont wanna make a bigger fuss.

What Haliris said - this should be an appeal.
There was no Staff Conduct broken here.